Football Index: IPO Wish List

Welcome back everyone, with an IPO being released earlier this week, it got me thinking as to who I would want to see IPO’d and who I most waiting for!! We all love an IPO! It’s an exciting time on the platform, when we know new players are being added! Sure! It can be ruthless,Continue reading “Football Index: IPO Wish List”

Bundesliga Round Up!! The Highs & Low on FI

Welcome back to the blog everyone! I hope you have had a fantastic weekend! The sun was shining, you got your exercise in, & you got chance to watch some Bundesliga action!!! 🇩🇪 It’s been a long time it seems since we had any real football, but that void was filled at 14:30 Saturday afternoonContinue reading “Bundesliga Round Up!! The Highs & Low on FI”

The Bundesliga is Back!!! & Blog Update!!

Welcome back to the blog everyone! It’s a great day, currently as I write the intro to this blog it’s Saturday morning, I’m getting ready to go on a walk, before coming home & settling down for the afternoon and catch some Bundesliga action!!! What games have we got this weekend you ask?? This weekendContinue reading “The Bundesliga is Back!!! & Blog Update!!”

The Germans are Coming! Bundesliga returns this Weekend!!!

I hope everyone is has had a great start to the week, if your back to work, I hope your transition well back into it! If your still like me, in lockdown, I hope your staying safe and counting down the days until you can return to work! It’s Tuesday! Which means there is nowContinue reading “The Germans are Coming! Bundesliga returns this Weekend!!!”