Lockdown Lifestyle 2.0: An Offer You Simply Can’t Refuse

Hey everyone and welcome back to the blog, or if your new around here welcome for the first time Today I’m bringing you guys a bit of a different blog and a special offer that I think could be fantastic for so many people who read my blog or follow my socials, so please bearContinue reading “Lockdown Lifestyle 2.0: An Offer You Simply Can’t Refuse”

Frei-Day Nights Under the Lights: Freiburg vs Monchengladbach Preview

Welcome everyone, I hope your all having a great day, and you’re looking forward to another weekend of football, starting tonight with Freiburg vs Monchengladbach A quick overview, in this blog we’ll be going over the game, current form of the teams, and who to look out for in terms of some key players forContinue reading “Frei-Day Nights Under the Lights: Freiburg vs Monchengladbach Preview”

Game of the Day: M’gladbach vs Union Berlin

Monchengladbach sit 5 in the table currently 11 points clear of Wolfsburg for the automatic Europa League place, & only 2 points behind Leipzig for the Champions League spots Union 4 points off the relegation places, are technically still not out of trouble and could find them selfs in the relegation play off should resultsContinue reading “Game of the Day: M’gladbach vs Union Berlin”

Game of the Day: Mainz vs Hoffenheim

2 very contrasting teams coming into this game, 1 sits 1 point off the Relegation playoff, the other just 3 points off the Europa League qualification Since the restart Mainz drew to FC Koln in a 2-2 game after being 2-0 up late in the game, before taking a 5-0 battering at the hands ofContinue reading “Game of the Day: Mainz vs Hoffenheim”