The end of 2020 is near! What’s the plan going into 2021

Hey Everyone! I hope your all doing well? Staying safe, positive and making the most of your final weeks of what has been a strange, strange year!! With December flying by, and it now only being around 10 days until Christmas followed sharply by the new year i thought why not dust off the iPhoneContinue reading “The end of 2020 is near! What’s the plan going into 2021”

Week 14: Lockdown Update, The Weight Loss Continues…

Hey everyone and welcome back to another week, & another update in the lockdown weight loss journey Quick thought, for me I’m back to work this Friday, so technically lockdown is over, but… the process continues and I’ll still be looking to keep dropping weight Let’s get into the details and see how the weekContinue reading “Week 14: Lockdown Update, The Weight Loss Continues…”

Weight Loss Update

Welcome back everyone, another week, another blog entry, and it’s been another good week, First off, let me start by saying I had a Chinese last night! Sweet & Sour Chicken, Noodles, Curry, Rice, the works, and it was so good I have only gone over my calories in the past 13 weeks a coupleContinue reading “Weight Loss Update”

My Weight Loss Journey …

Hey everyone welcome back to the blog It’s been over a week since I last posted a blog, and mainly that was because I was taking some time out, but also I wanted to see how I would fair if I didn’t write my usual Sunday accountability blogs, This was to see if I couldContinue reading “My Weight Loss Journey …”