From £10k to less than £3k debt in a week! How an unaffordable purchase has helped me wipe £7k debts

What’s good everyone?? Writing this it feels like an absolute age since I last updated the world on my situation & it has been! Mainly due to being lazy! Working most days, then coming home to write a blog always felt like it was a chore, but that’s not the case at all as IContinue reading “From £10k to less than £3k debt in a week! How an unaffordable purchase has helped me wipe £7k debts”

Lockdown Lifestyle 2.0: Rethink, Refocus, Restart

What’s good everyone! Welcome to the blog for the first time readers, long time followers or casual readers It’s been a little while since I last posted and that last post was a deep one! A few thoughts on my journey and the way I was feeling at the time, which was not like myself!Continue reading “Lockdown Lifestyle 2.0: Rethink, Refocus, Restart”

Lockdown Lifestyle 2.0: An Offer You Simply Can’t Refuse

Hey everyone and welcome back to the blog, or if your new around here welcome for the first time Today I’m bringing you guys a bit of a different blog and a special offer that I think could be fantastic for so many people who read my blog or follow my socials, so please bearContinue reading “Lockdown Lifestyle 2.0: An Offer You Simply Can’t Refuse”

Lockdown Lifestyle 2.0: Let’s Talk 2021 Finances

Welcome Back Everyone We’ve gone over the ins and outs of the diet and exercise for 2021 and what the goals are, how I’m aiming to do it and what I’ll be blogging about around this subject But it’s time to get into the money side of things! Bear with me, I haven’t done thisContinue reading “Lockdown Lifestyle 2.0: Let’s Talk 2021 Finances”