How to Lose weight in 12 Weeks & Keep it OFF! A Weight Loss Journey Together…

If you have followed or even visited the blog in the past you may or may not know how this all started 

During the period of March – October 2019 i set out on a journey to lose weight whilst on furlough and off work! i started tracking calories in a calorie deficit and started walking 5/6 miles every single day. it was great and my weight went from around 247lb to near 200lb, i felt great, confident and was loving the way i was starting to look and feel 

Then october hit! or as i would call it, Birthday Season! i spent the next couple of month enjoying takeaway after takeaway, and found my self slowly putting the weight back on with little motivation to continue losing weight

Fast forward to now and a weight of around 228lb its time to contiunue the journey i started and get to the finish line! i watn to hit the 200lb mark again and continue to achieve the psyique i desired

So its time to get back to why i started this blog, time to focus on my goals and show you how you can all achieve it as well

This time around ill be documenting everything I’m doing including how i calculate my calories, how ill be tracking what i eat, the exercise i do, and everything in between and ill be breaking this all down so that you can also do the same if you wish 

Not only that and not only will i be doing my weekly Sunday accountability blog in which ill go over everything good and bad about the previous week but ill be offering to be your accountability coach during the 12 weeks in which we take this journey

But what does that mean for you??
Well, you will have full access to me! you will have my personal email and can get in touch anytime you like and ill reply ASAP toi help answer any questions you may have

Ill also help you work out your calories, help you with your progress tracking, and have weekly check ins to help keep you on top and ready to smash the upcoming week and achieve the goals we have set

Starting this weekend ill be posting up the first blog in which ill detail the method i use to work out my calorie goal, what ill be eating on a daily basis, any supplements ill be using, and anything food related i believe you will need to know in order to achieve your goal

Ill then be posting Day 1 of the diet on Monday evening, which will include the day 1 weigh in, and initial pictures to show my current form

The best part is everything on the blog is 100% FREE and not only that but if you want the personal approach and want me to be your accountability coach on this journey helping you smash it that will also be FREE

All you will need to do is send me a DM on either instagram (Drage_162) or Twitter (Drage162), please do this before Monday where possible and we can get started on this journey

Im allowing myself the weekend to enjoy some food and drink before getting really stuck into the diet and progressing with the 12 week plan

Ill be posting blogs on a more consistent basis, though these may be short and sweet at times during the week with short updates, tips and advice on how I’m getting by on the journey they will be relatable to your journey and helping you Win 

So Lets all work together, motivate one and other and smash it for the next 12 weeks creating something we can all be super proud of

For now Stay Safe, Stay Positive and Lets look forward to whats to come 

Debts to Assets: Let’s build a community! Can you make money from streaming on twitch?

It’s crazy to think that now a days all you need is a games console, TV & a headset and you can get set up streaming on Twitch at the click of a button

I originally got into twitch around 3 / 4 years ago, mainly watching people play games! Then when Fortnite started to break onto the scene I began streaming gameplay! At the time I did this via the twitch app on the Xbox console and without a cam or any thing fancy

I started as it was something to do, and I was already playing the game so I may aswell have seen what would happen when I started streaming

Of course people will think that anyone can just turn on their console and make £100s, £1000s and even more via twitch! But the reality is that is not the case

Let’s start with how you can make money on twitch? I would say the 4 main ways to make money when streaming are as follows

Subscriptions: A member of your community or viewer can opt to sub to your channel this is a direct means of support to the streamer and in most cases the streamer receives a 50/50 split with twitch which equates to about $2.50 per sub in your pocket. These can be bought for yourself personally or you can gift a sub to another viewer

Donations: A viewer can donate to the stream which is usually through a link and is paid to you via PayPal! This can be troublesome as people do chargebacks at times which actually end up costing the streamer! Of course as this is through PayPal there are PayPal fees to deal with

Bits / Cheering: Viewers can purchase a thing called bits, and these can then be used to cheer a streamer! 1 bit = 1 cent! Therefor 100 bit = $1! Theses cost slightly more to the viewer but they do come with the protection that they will not be refunded once donated

Ad Revenue: With all streams on twitch sometimes ads will be shown, if you are a certain level you will receive a payment of revenue from these ads though minor this is an additional income

Now with twitch you do need to hit $100 in revenue before you can receive a payout from twitch and this is then paid the following month direct into your bank account or PayPal depending on method chosen

Can everyone make money on twitch?

Not everyone can make money on twitch, in fact when you first start out you have to work towards affiliate status before you can even apply for a sub badge or too receive bits

In order to achieve the affiliate status at present you need to complete 3 things:

Stream on 12 separate days across a 30 day period

Average of 3.0 viewers across the same 30 day period

Have 50+ followers on your account

I completed my affiliate on boarding back in 2019, just before I gave up on streaming which at the time seemed a good idea! But since then I am back on twitch and I am loving streaming and building a community

Let’s take a look at how it is currently going

Since being back to streaming I have hit $24 income, so I’m about 1/4 of the way to my first payout! Though I have come back to streaming to have fun and build something I’m happy & proud of!

I will say for anyone who wants to get into streaming money should be the last thing you think about! For me the feeling you get when someone starts chatting in the stream and shows interest in your gameplay and you is just incredible to think people are taking time out of the day to spend it with you

I recently had a lovely lady from twitter drop by my stream and subbed, to some that may not mean much, but to me the fact someone used there hard earned money to support you and your passion is amazing

Be sure to enjoy the journey and have fun with it!

Anyway, The money, should I make any is an added bonus! Though it would be nice to get to a monthly payout of $100 which equates to around £70 a month in my own currency, or £840 a year in addiction income just under 10% of the £10,000 per year extra I am wanting to make

What I think is more exciting that the money though is the other stats! I have gone from 0 viewers to 1.2 average viewers with some streams hitting 1.8 – 3 viewer averages!

I have amazed an additional 59 followers which is amazing and has helped me on the road to 250 followers (10 away)

I’ve made a some great friends who I now play with nightly on warzone, I’ve spoke to so many people & had so many good vibes in the chat

Will I be making money in 1 years time?

I personally believe that if I continue to stream consistently, work hard, keep upgrading my set up and stream then I will be able to get to the point of earning $100 a month! I will continue to reinvest anything I do make into the stream to create a better experience for the viewers and those supporting me with this

For the purpose of the blog each month towards the end of the month we’ll do a progress streaming update! We will go over the following stats:

• Average viewers for the past 30 days with a comparison to the month before

• Followers gained & overall follower count

• Subscriber count

• Revenue made

• Hours streamed

We can then see if we are growing, where we need to improve and what we will be doing going forward including any upgrades to the stream we will be making

So, you want to get into streaming?

That’s fantastic! Even if like me you are not in it to be the next TimTheTatMan and making millions of dollars that’s great!

Twitch, and streaming in general is a great way to meet new people, get involved in teams or group of like minded people, and create lasting friendships with people

If you do want to get into streaming, I’ve listed below some of the items I have recently purchased to get my stream started

These are Amazon links and I do make a percentage of each sale should you wish to purchase anything!

Please do bear in mind as well that I currently have the basic version of most items on my setup, but I will be upgrading almost all items as and when the time is right to do so


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Laptop, Gaming Console or Streaming PC

First things first if you want to stream you will need a way of doing this! As I mentioned before I started by streaming through my Xbox! This is the cheapest way as you do not need to have a huge outlay on a gaming PC or a laptop! However since then I have been back to streaming I invested a small amount (£450) in a refurbished MacBook Pro! Something I would love to upgrade when I can

This is roughly the spec of the one I purchased with 2.9ghz core i7 processor, 750GB HDD, & 8GB of ram this runs Streamlabs OBS & streams perfectly fine

MacBook Pro 2.9ghz

Capture Card

If your paying on console but you want to stream through your laptop or pc so that you can use overlays and effects then you’ll need a capture card

Most people will mention elgato when talking about these and I too looked at the elgato HD60 initially but at a cost of £100+ when starting out this did not sound like value for money!

I instead opted for the Acodot Capture Card after checking out many reviews, videos and just researching the device this seemed to do everything I needed but with a price tag of £29.99! A huge £70+ saving on the elgato!

Acodot Capture Card


The last thing I’ve purchased so far is a standalone microphone, I found that the sound quality from the MacBooks built in microphone wasn’t great for streaming and using the headset from the Xbox directly meant I couldn’t mute myself to the rest of my party when talking to chat

I opted for the NJSJ USB mic which comes complete with tripod and pop filter for just over £20, again this is something I can upgrade at a later date

NJSJ Microphone

Ring Light

I have also opted to purchase a ring light as I find that in the evenings my camera is rather dark on the MacBook and I need some additional lighting!

This has only cost me £17 and can be found on amazon! its perfect for streaming, selfies and for the ladies doing make up etc

Ring Light

So over all I’ve spent

• MacBook: £450

• Microphone: £22

• Capture Card: £30

Total: £502

Of course this is not including the games console but this is something I already owned so I wouldn’t count that! And as I mentioned you can stream direct from the console cutting out the need for any of the 3 items I purchased but I wanted to look more professional and use overlays and alerts etc which a PC/ Laptop is needed for

So that’s all it takes to get setup and started on twitch! You can start right away and get on the path to becoming an affiliate

For me from now until the end of the year my goals personally with streaming are:

• To Gain 10 active monthly subs on my channel

• To reach 300 followers (60 away)

• To average 3 Viewers per stream consistently

• To create a discord with all my community as it grows

Over the next 6 months we’ll continue with monthly review and see how we currently match up against these goals, & look at what we are doing to achieve them with new ideas that you could implement into your streams too

If you’ve enjoyed the blog and would like to check out my channel it can be found at where I stream most evening 8:30pm – 10:30pm BST

Edit* Upon writing this post the past 2 nights have been incredible in terms of stats and we have hit over 3 average viewers for the past 2 streams! For some this may sound like nothing but it makes me so happy seeing the progression being made

Stay Safe, Stay Positive, Stay Motivated ♥️

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Debts to Assets: What’s my current situation? Goals? & Plans moving forward?

Like most people, I too enjoyed myself in my 20s by living above and over my means! By living an overly expensive lifestyle! Borrowing money, going on holiday, spending money on nights out etc that although I had, I could not always afford to spend

This led to my 30’s! Starting with about £13,000 – £15,000 of debt through a 49.6% APR car loan, to payday loan debt! From Credit Cards to owing family i had it all!

Fast forward 2 years to 32 and I now have around £3,000 of debt left to pay off and with plans to pay that off this year, going into 2022 I’ll be 33 and debt free! Ready to start building for the future

With goals in mind of what I want to do next in terms of money and assets I thought it’s time to resurrect the ‘Debt to Assets’ series and document all the steps I’m taking to create multiple income streams & add more assets to my life

With the birth of my daughter just under 2 years ago, my partner & I moving out, and all the lockdowns I knew it was time to get my life into a position where we didn’t have to worry about the money we had coming in! It was time to work on paying off debt, keeping on top of priority bills & now it’s time to create more income going forward

With around 6 months until the end of the year and me becoming debt free it seems as though now would be a great time to start building a foundation for the start of 2022

Currently I have a great job, and one which I absolutely love doing! work in retail as a Deputy Store Manager with a current basic monthly income of £1333

I actually love this job, I’ve been there for around 7 months now but I would like to progress and get to next management level in store which would come with a starting salary of £2000 post tax per month! A huge increase!

Me and my partner moved out just under a year ago into a housing association home, my partner who looks after our child throughout the week works 2 days a week and is paid minimum wages for the hours worked, on top of that we get £200 roughly in Universal Credit to supplement our wages

What can we expect in this series?

Throughout this series I’ll be going over what income sources I am trying, how much I have invested to start these, and how they are developing!

I’ll be completely transparent on all the money made from these income streams to give you an idea of wether these are something you should be trying out for yourself

Over the coming weeks we’ll be talking about many different streams of income or side hustles including

• Amazon Associates Programme

• Amazon KDP

• Gumroad

• Etsy Stores

• Ebook Sales

• Streaming

• Reselling

• Work & Overtime

• Blogging

There’s 100s if not 1000s of ways to make money both online and offline! In this series of blogs we’ll be looking at these and figuring the right ones for us & our goals

Of course the goals I have & the goals you have will be completely different, the one thing in common will be that these goals take money to achieve & that’s where the blog comes in

So why do I want to create these additional income streams?

With a young child & partner I don’t want to be in a position at any point where we struggle for money

I currently have £0 saved in the bank & have no emergency fund! Something that I do believe everyone should have

With each income source we will discuss the goals for that, and what we expect to make over a period of time while monitoring this throughout the series

Over the next 6 months whilst we work toward building these income streams all the money made from them will be reinvested to help scale and improve each area

In terms of my goals for 2022 & beyond I have currently set out a few of these

Firstly, I would like to create an additional £10,000 in 2022 through the revenue streams we will create over the next 6 months

This breaks down to around £27 per day, or £192, or an additional £833 per month! When broken down this sounds incredibly doable and it will all come down to my determination and motivation to achieve this goal

A further goal to this is around our house, currently we live in a housing association home and recently I have read a lot about ‘right to buy’ or ‘right to acquire’ essentially after 3 years you can apply to buy your home and this is something I would love to be able to do when the time comes!

Not just to own our home but to have something that our daughter will later inherit when the time comes!

With the 2 main goals set we are ready to start this journey!

Over the coming months I’ll be going over each income stream individually and in more detail! Looking at start up costs, what I will need to buy or plan for, how I’ll get started and some goals for each stream of income

Well then keep track of these with a monthly review of all income streams and how they are doing

The first blog which will come will be focused around streaming on twitch and how we could look to use this as a source of income should we be able too

For now, I want to thank everyone for stopping by the blog, taking the time to like, or comment! And for just supporting me in this journey


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Stay Safe, Stay Positive, Stay Motivated ♥️

All diets start on a Monday: Time to work on me again

Hey Everyone, welcome back to the blog!

It’s Monday once again and that can only mean one thing…it’s time to start the diet over and this time we are going to be achieving our goals.

Before this blog, my previous post was about the 75 hard and how I would be taking this challenge on and I will be doing exactly that just not right at this minute

I realised lately that I had lost a lot of motivation for dieting and exercise and every excuse I could find I was breaking diet, going to McDonalds or dominos and just not caring! until the next day when I would step on the scale and see the numbers

I have since taken a step back and thought about what I want to do in terms of diet and exercise moving forward and I’ve given my head a wobble, focused up and today marks the start of the next chapter in the journey to getting in shape

I work up today at around 6:30am not out of choice but because our 18 month old daughter decided it was time for us to be awake, I jumped out of bed and straight on the scales to be greeted with the figure of 231.0lb

Now I’m not too happy with this as if you have read any of my past lockdown lifestyle blogs you will know I got down to about 206.0lb at the beginning on the year but as I mentioned my excuses and just not being focused has put me back a bit

its now time to get back to that 206lb mark and go further in creating the physique I desire

To be honest looking at this picture I’m not overly upset by the weight gain and I don’t think my physique is in the worst place, I feel I have a solid base and with the right nutrition and exercise plan I can create something that ill be extremely happy with

So over the next 16 weeks ill be going on a journey of creating this! ill be dieting and sticking to a calorie deficit, ill be going to the gym, and ill be holding myself accountable something I have not done for a while, but something I need to do in order to achieve my goals

ill be documenting everything on the blog and will be looking to post a couple of times a week not only about the weight loss journey like in the past but touching on life in general

Im currently in the process of setting back up my twitch stream and you can catch me over their a couple of evenings a week it would actually be great to see you there and we can talk about anything in the journey

Back to the journey and the plan from here on out. Ive joined my local Pure Gym and will be aiming to achieve 3-5 sessions per week, these will be before work at around 4am! I may even add in some evening cardio from the beginning of this like I would of done with the 75 hard challenge

Ill be adding a couple of supplements into my diet which will mainly be ‘Clear Whey’ a whey protein from Myprotein and ‘Creatine Monohydrate’ I don’t feel I need to add anything in right now, the creatine will be taken daily with some cod liver oil too, and the clear whey will be used to boost my protein should I feel the need to do so

My goal for the next 16 weeks will be to get to around 200lb, though I am not completely focused on scale weight and will also judge my progress from the way I am looking in the mirror as I do feel this is more important and more beneficial for myself

Ill be posting on the blog some of the workouts I’m doing, the food I’ve been eating and we will be back to the Sunday blog in which I detail all of the good and bad points from he previous week as well as how I intend to improve on things moving forward

For now I want to thank everyone for reading this and any other blog I have posted, Ill be streaming on twitch this evening and would love to see some of you there also I’ve now added a PayPal button to my blogs and if you have enjoyed what you read you can buy me a coffee if you wish to do so

I hope you all have a fantastic Monday and a great start to the week ill be back soon with another blog, in the meantime follow me over on twitter @drage162 and lets connect on there


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