Lockdown! Time to focus the mind & body! 💪🏼

We’re back again, and this time we’re talking about lockdown! Now if your from the UK your probably currently under lockdown, which is essentially a state of people needing to stay at home apart from essential travel, which could include heading out for items from the supermarket, going to work (for key workers) or for your daily exercise!

I’ve been in lockdown now for 4 weeks, heading into the 5th week, and I just wanted to share with you what my plans are, and what I’m focusing on during this lockdown period in order to stay sane and to keep motivated!

For me, I have 3 real goals or priorities during lockdown

1. Spending time with my Daughter

2. Focusing on losing weight & creating a healthier lifestyle

3. Learning and absorbing more knowledge

Spending time with my Daughter

This is of course fairly self explanatory, I have an 8 month old daughter, but like many other who work, I don’t always get much time to really spend with her, playing and having fun!

With work recently, I have been trying to gain a promotion into a new area of the business and with this my hours have increased, meaning at times I have been doing 12 hour days and working 6 days per week, giving me little time to spend with my little girl.

The lockdown has really changed this, and made me see how important it is to make time with her, as she is growing so fast! We now get up together in the morning, and I give her breakfast, as well as spending my exercise time in the afternoon taking her for a 1 1/2hr walk, yeah she sleeps for most of that but it’s still great time to just see her!

Of course the walks lead into focus number 2!

Losing Weight & Creating a Healthier Lifestyle

Before the lock down, I was at my heaviest weight! Having been around 198lb at the end of 2019, I began this period at around 245lb

With more time off work, and with only 1 exercise period per day, I thought it’s a good time to really focus on that and get out and do something, I have so far used my exercise period everyday to go for a 5-6mile walk, which is great, I get out, get to enjoy some nice weather, and coinciding with point 1 I get to spend time with my daughter!


The downside of course is the 100s of blisters I have had so far 🤢

I have gone back to using MyFitnessPal, tracking calories only currently and looking at eating 2000kcal per day, this figure will be reduced as we go along the lockdown, and once out the other side I will go back to the days of doing IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS (IIFYM) as well as getting back to the gym,

It’s just great to have the time to re focus the mind, and really get motivated to start losing weight, so far I have lost just under 8lb with a goal of losing at least 14lb total!

Finally point 3! Learning!

One thing I think this time is great for is learning new things, or doing something different!

One thing I have found myself doing, is listening to more podcasts! There are so many out there especially about football index which is a big interest to me and it’s great to hear others insights on the platform and where the market is going!

Once back to work i will be looking to gain promotion to the events manager at the venue I work, and so I am currently looking for online courses or content that will help with learning about social media marketing, event planning, networking and anything that may help in this field!

Of course if anyone has any suggestions on this kind of content please do let me know, id love to hear from you guys and would appreciate being pointed in the right direction

For now, thanks again for checking out the blog, for anyone who made it this far and read through this little snippet of what’s going on in life, thanks! Much love, and stay safe ♥️

Football Index…What? Why? How? & Who?

Football Index?? What’s that I hear you say??

It’s okay…I’m sure like a lot of people reading this blog, or just out there in the big bad world, you don’t know what football index is! And if you don’t know what it is! Then you don’t know just how exciting it is!!

The important bit! What is Football Index?

Football index is a unique betting platform, in which you are betting on the future performance and media prospects of the worlds best footballers!

A share is bought, and is then in your possession for 3 years, unless you decide to cash in on these earlier and sell of course!

Whilst you can make money from a player rising through capital appreciation, you can also collect dividends on the way via media & performance buzz!

I will do a more in depth post at a later date on everything I know of football index if that’s something you guys would be interested in! However, if you want to check it out now, just follow the link to sign up http://tiny.cc/27d9dz

Then it comes down to the Why?

Now I’m sure everyone has a different reason for using football index (FI, as we will refer to it from now on), but for me it comes down to 2 things,

1. Enjoyment! I don’t think you should be doing anything, especially not using a gambling platform if it’s not for enjoyment factors! I would stress you should only deposit what you can afford and keep it fun!

2. The second reason is to have a place for my savings each month, I could put what I was going to save into a bank and earn 0.1% interest and that’s great, the money builds and I have a lump sum at the end! But, with FI, I can “Invest” my money into players who I believe will rise etc, and will hopefully when needed have my money plus a percentage of profit!

So that’s the What & the Why? But, How do I plan on doing this?

Okay, so one thing you learn with FI, is that everyone has a different opinion, and that there are many different ways in which you can make profit on FI!

For me, I’ll be looking at different players for different things, the beginning of my portfolio (which I will show in a later post) is based on young players who I believe have the potential for a rise,

My plan is that each month on payday I will be adding a deposit to my account, currently with COVID-19 and all that my deposits are dependant on the situation, however once back to work fully I will be looking at around £300-£500 a month deposit!

I’m looking at next month being my next deposit and this should be around £150-£200, so I will be putting this all into a player based around Media Buzz!

I look to buy around 25-50 shares but some prospects I will think about more!

With all of this in mind! The big question is Who?

Below is a picture of my current portfolio, with the amount of shares, P/L, and amount spent! In my next post I will break this down and give you a reason for each of my buys

For now though, I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this post, and any comments, likes or shares of the blog,

I’ll be looking to add to the blog a few times a week, with information on my portfolio, anyone I’m watching out for, or just general life stuff

Have a great day, and stay safe