10 snacks you can enjoy whilst in a calorie deficit (UK)

With this blog originating from a weight loss journey through lockdown it seems only right that we go over some of the foods that I ate to help with weight loss whilst in a calorie deficit

As you know from this past Monday I have once again entered into a Dieting phase and will be back to the calorie counting, creating a deficit and adding in more exercise along the way to help me achieve the best possible outcome in time for my holiday in December.

For me when you’re in a calorie deficit one of the most important things is to find foods that are filling, have a good volume to them, but on the other hand find foods you can enjoy as a treat in the day when your craving something bad and just want to suppress that craving with a small treat

The one thing I love about a calorie deficit and dieting using this method is that you are not restricted on what you can eat! YES you can’t go and eat over your calories etc but you can eat within that and eat the foods you like 

If I am craving some pizza I can find a pizza that will fit easily into my calories for the day whilst allowing me to eat throughout the day without continually feeling hungry which in turn can lead to you feeling unmotivated and create a state of binge eating 

I want to go over with you 10 snacks that I have eaten, and will be eating during my calorie deficit! The nutritional breakdown for them and where to find them

Now I love something sweet during the day especially after a long day at work or when finishing a workout or exercise of sorts 

All of the listed snacks are relatively cheap, around the 100 kcal mark and will help with your sweet tooth! I haven’t mentioned any drinks during this top 10 but I will just say that throughout the day I like to drink ZERO SUGAR carbonated drinks and MONSTER ULTRA which I do not track either of these nor do I cut the out of my diet at any point!

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10. Skips – 71kcal

Let’s kick the list of with some classics! A good old pack of Skips Prawn and Cocktail, coming in at only 71kcal these are perfect for a snack when you want something extra during the day! At only 71kcal you won’t feel guilty enjoying these.

9. Mini Gingerbread Men – 87Kcal

These are great a bag contains around 5/6 mini gingerbread men, more textured like a biscuit with gingerbread taste these are really filling and again a good addition to a lunch box.

8. Milky Way Snack Bar – 96kcal

Recently I had one of these and was pleasantly surprised when I found out they were less than 100kcal! Ive always been a fan of Milky Way bars and its nice to have something official when on a diet.

7. Quavers – 86kcal

Back to the crisps and this time its quavers! Perfect once again as an accompaniment with your lunch or just to throw in your bag when heading out, and you can pick at them throughout the day instead of eating all at once.

6. Toast (Danish Bread) – 52kcal

Thats right at just 52kcal per slice danish bread is a great filler throughout the day if you want to have some toast! For me personally during my diet I don’t track things like sauces or butter as I only use it sparingly, and personally I believe if you don’t track it throughout the diet but use the same amounts you won’t see much of an issue.

5. Maryland Mini Cookies – 99kcal

These are one of my favourite snacks! I personally love biscuits and these are great again you get around 5/6 biscuits per pack and it feels a lot more! I highly recommend the double choc ones.

4. 5 Chicken satay skewers – 115kcal 

With these coming in slightly over the 100kcal but so much worth it! I buy these in ALDI, they come in a pack of 10 and you can either split it into 2 x 5 skewers or if your a bit more peckish enjoy the whole pack at only 230kcal! One of my go to snacks if I am skipping lunch until later but want something in between.

3. Choco Snap Cereal Bar – 79kcal

A big one for myself! I used to eat bowls and bowls of cereal! Usually around 90g a time with 300ml of milk but I find these are a great substitute. All the flavour of cereal but with a whole lot less calories to them.

2. Fibre One Bars – 88kcal

If you’re on a diet and you are not including these as a snack I would be surprised! Like a cake bar these are great and with so many flavours available they are perfect for changing things up. I recommend the birthday cake & the salted caramel ones. Also the ALDI version at half the price taste identical to the £2.50 version.

1. Mini Cadbury Fingers – 98kcal

Finally my favourite snack to indulge in during a calorie deficit is Cadburys Mini Fingers! Exactly the same as the real thing just in a bite size they come with around 5/6 per pack but be warned they can leave you wanting more so just be sure to stick to one bag or within your goals.

This is just a small slice of the pie! If you shop around and really take a look you will find so many great snacks that are 100kcal or less! Of course you may want to eat more than 100kcal as a snack, for me I love a sesame seed bagel with some butter or some ham as a snack though this is around 300kcal 

With a calorie deficit the world is your oyster, you have the leeway to create foods you like and eat the foods you like whilst losing weight. Don’t limit yourself to celery or carrot sticks. Find things you enjoy and make your diet fun for you 

I hope this has given you some ideas of snacks for your diet, id love to hear of any snack ideas you have or what you are currently doing? Drop them in the comments and lets help each other with some new ideas

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