What you Should & Shouldn’t eat in a calorie deficit? How to lose weight and keep it off…

If you’ve been following the blog over the past couple of days you will already know that from tomorrow (Mon 19th July) we will be starting a new 12 week journey in which we will be looking to lose weight and get back to where we were post lockdown 1

During this i will be sharing all of the knowledge i have gained over the years of following diets etc and will show you how you can do the same too

We have so far gone over the journey and yesterday i posted up a blog in which i detailed how to calculate your calories which you can find HERE if you missed it

Today we will go over what you should and shouldn’t be eating during your calorie deficit diet

As we all know with most ‘Diets’ there is a list of foods which are frowned upon
In Weight Watchers you go for the lower point foods, with slimming world you look to use less syns, with Keto you stay clear of carbs, so what do you stay away from during a calorie deficit

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Well to put it simply the answer is NOTHING

During this diet we will not be keeping away from any foods!! 

The whole point of this journey is to change your mindset and your view on food, it is to show you that even on a diet you can enjoy life and enjoy the food you like 

During the diet if you want to eat some pizza, eat some pizza!

If you want ice cream, enjoy that ice cream

If you have a night out planned, enjoy your night out and have a drink

There is a way to enjoy everything in life without you feeling like you can and cant eat an item

Im not saying that you should go out and consume a 30 piece KFC bucket meal every day, but I’m also not going to tell you not too do it now and then 
For me a calorie deficit is the best diet as you can decide what makes up the calories in the day 

When I was losing weight last year and doing well I would have weeks where I had mcdonalds 3 times! YES!! 3 Times!! thats because i would use the calorie calculator on their website and i would then input this into myfitnesspal 
Ive had countless trips out for lunch, or for a pint while on a calorie deficit
The main take away is that you can have what you like as long as you are tracking correctly, and hitting your calorie goals

Over the next 12 weeks will I cut any foods out? NO of course i wont

Will I show you the foods I have eaten? YES, ill be putting up some blogs with ‘what i eat in a day’ to show exactly what I’m saying to you all 

Obviously you want your diet to be good nutritious food but remember you only have one life and you have to enjoy it!

For me a couple of my go to foods and drinks are detailed below, feel free to try any you like, i have added links to these products and i do get a commission on these but you are not obliged to purchase any of these 

Shukers Butchers Extra Lean Meat Hamper

This is a great buy and comes with plenty of great meat to get you started to make some delicious meals! Originally me and my partner won one of these hampers in a raffle and have since used these over and over again to stock up the fridge/freezer and keep us going 
Included in the hamper is  

4 Chicken Fillets (minimum weight 450 g)

4 Salt & Pepper Chicken Burgers (minimum weight 400 g)

4 Beef Frying Steaks (minimum weight 400 g)

Diced Chicken (minimum weight 450 g)

Beef Rump Steak Strips (minimum weight 400 g)

Less than 5% Fat Beef Steak Mince (minimum weight 450 g)

1 Whole Chicken (minimum weight 1.1 kg)

Monster Energy Ultra

For me personally I like to drink these in the morning to start the day or to be honest just drink them throughout the day! These are a sweet drink and its nice to have a Zero calorie drink available if you have a sweet tooth personally. Of course you don’t have to opt for Monster you could look to have some of your favourite zero calorie soft drink like Coke Zero, Sprite Zero, Dr Pepper Zero etc

Creatine Monohydrate

Now this one isn’t for everyone but personally i like to have a glass of water in the morning mixed with some creatine especially when I’m back to the gym for the many health benefits including 

  • Scientifically proven to increase physical performance
  • Can help improve strength and power
  • Created with premium grass-fed whey
  • scientifically proven to increase physical performance
  • can help improve strength and power

Cod Liver Oil Tablets

This again is a personal choice but for me a cod liver oil tablet first thing in the morning is essential to help with joints and movement especially if your going to be ion the gym or like me want to be playing football 

So thats that! The Does and Don’t of eating in a calorie deficit, less don’t and more do!

If you do have any question on the subject feel free to drop a comment below, or DM me on instagram or twitter and ill be sure to get back to you ASAP with the answers 

For now lets enjoy this beautiful weather today and get set for the start of the diet tomorrow!

Stay Safe, Stay Positive and Get Ready for the Journey 


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