How to calculate my calories for a calorie deficit? What you need to know! The formula

As promised the first part for this 12 week journey is going to be to figure out where we start and what calories we should be consuming in order to lose weight

Over the years I’ve tried & failed at so many diets! Weight watchers, just counting calories with no real knowledge, cutting carbs etc

But that just isn’t the way. It’s not sustainable and over time you begin to hate dieting and revert back to your previous ways

If you want to lose weight over the long term for me it’s got to be through a calorie deficit, and by that I mean you consume less calories than you are using per day 

But how do you work that out?

Well you can go online and use a fancy calculator and get all confused by what it is you need to do, but having done all of this my self time and time again i am going to share with you a way in which i have found works and is easy to calculate

So lets jump straight into the calculations and how we will come up with our starting calories.

These will be our base calories and we will look to change these around after around 4 weeks depending on how we are progressing. i personally do not feel you should be changing your calories all that often and i am all for higher calories where possible as i would prefer tose weight while being able to enjoy my food 

The Calculations

Firstly, we are going to need your starting weight. ill use my weight as an example for this calculation or the weight i am now as after the wekend this may be slightly higher…Oops 

Total Calories Allowed

My Current weight and the one ill be basing my starting calories on is 228.4lb but well round down to 228lb

Lets take this number and multiply it by 12 – 14 (this number is dependant on your activity level! If you believe you are very active multiply by 14, if less active 12)

For me ill be going with 12 at present but when we come to adjust our calories later down the line i would imagine it will be by 13 or 14 

228 x 12 = 2,736

This figure is now what we will call out maintainance calories, this is the amount we need to eat to stay at the same weight 

In order for us to lose weight we need to eat below our maintainance caloires 

We can now minus between 300 – 500 calories from this figure in order to create a calorie deficit. personally ill be minusing 400 calories to begin with as i previously mentioned i would prefer to have higher calories to begin with and i can adjust these as the time goes on

Remember if you have higher calories and you are still losing weight you are doing something right as you are losing weight whilst not starving your body of the nutrition it needs

Now we can go into more detail with this and really find out what macronutrients we are trying to hit should you wish to dive this deep 

Protein Intake

Lets take our body weight and x 4. This will be the calculation for our protetin intake! ideally you should be looking to hit 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight. 

1g of preotein = 4kcals, hence the body weight x 4 giving us a total of 912kcal

Fat Intake

Next we need to work out out ideal fat allowance for our calories, for this we will take our overall calorie amount x 0.3 giving us the total off 700kcal! To now find out how many grams of Fat this is we will devide the number by 9 (as there are kcal per gram of fat) = 77.77g but we will round this up to 78g

Carb Intake

Finally we can work out our Carbohydrates for this diet. To do this we will work out what calories we have left by taking the total calories for Fat (700) & protein (912) from the total overall calories we are allowed

which looks like 2336 – 1612 = 724

We now need to divide 724 by 4 (as there is 4 kcal per gram of carb) to give us our Carb Goal of 181g

The Overall Figures

So here are our overall allowances going into the diet, these may change over time but for now we will use these daily going forward 

Calories: 2336

Protein: 228g (912kcal)

Carbs: 181g (724kcal)

Fat: 78g (700kcal)

For me personally i will only be tracking my calories at the beggining and not focusing too much on protein, fat & carb breakdown but as the diet goes further in and i am doing more exercise i will look to focus on all the macronutrients too 

I just feel that tracking your Macros is very Bro, and more for those who are in the gym and doing every part of the journey right for me at this stage i can lose weight without counting these areas but it is interesting to know these figures and keep in mind how close to these you are coming

As the 12 weeks progress, and as we lose weight you will notice I will become more strict on these aspects but we’ll discuss that when we get to it

For now have a go at working out your calories from the formula mentioned

If you have any questions or struggle with this then just send me a DM on Instagram (drage_162) or on Twitter (Drage162)

Together let’s achieve something incredible

For now stay safe, have a great weekend, and stay positive



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