Lockdown Lifestyle 2.0: Weekly weight loss check ins are here

Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog or welcome to the blog if your reading for the first time

Firstly I have to say thank you to everyone who has followed the blog over the past few months! This week we broke the 100 follower mark and we’re now at around 122 which may seem like nothing but to me it’s amazing and I’m super happy!

Let’s kick on and get to 250 blog followers next guys and girls

Right let’s get into it! We’re back once again with the weekly weigh in checks and I finally got my mindset right this week and stuck to the diet!

Disclaimer: it’s valentines so tonight will involve a naughty little Indian takeaway! But you have to enjoy life and you can diet everyday of it

So, how did this week go in terms of weight loss…

Well the numbers are as follows

We started the week at 216.9lb, and our average weight come this morning was 214lb on the nose

This gave us a weekly weight loss of 2.9lb which is fantastic and shows that when you put your mind to it it’s easy! Something I have not been focused on in recent weeks

What went well?

My calories for the week I stuck with 2100kcal and to be honest I was looking to decrease these after this week but given I lost 2.9lb I have decided that I will be keeping these calories for now as I believe it is always better to lose weight with higher calories as let’s be honest who doesn’t want to eat more food!!!

I’ve been changing up my meals a lot this week too especially around tea / dinner time. I found that previously I was eating some form of chicken meal almost every night and that was getting rather repetitive and boring

Now I’ve been having a variety of things which this week included

• Fish, chips & curry sauce

• Burgers & fries

• Spaghetti Bolognese

• Philly Cheese steak baguettes

• Hunters chicken

• Roast dinner

It’s nice to add variety to your diet or else I think you become put off! Let’s be honest no one wants to live on chicken and rice every single day of their life!

I know this is a big thing for body builders and fair play to them but I feel I need to have variety and different tastes each day

The main thing that doesn’t change for me is lunch time which usually consists of one of the following Wraps, Thins, Bagels or Danish Bread and then that’s packed with ham, lettuce, coleslaw, gherkins, jalapeños, cucumber, red onion, & franks red hot sauce

It tastes so good! And it’s filing!

Where am I going wrong?

Personally this week I don’t feel I have gone too far wrong. My calories have allowed me to lose weight but not in an excessive manor

I’ve been able to eat foods I enjoy without feeling guilty and in turn this has motivated me to continue

The one thing I do need to improve on is making time in the day or just not being so lazy and doing some cardio

But right now with the fact I’m still losing weight I’m happy without cardio and that’s something I can add in as the weight loss slows down to add an extra layer

Overall it’s been a great week which will be finished with a well earned takeaway before heading into the new week

The goal for the week ahead will be to lose 2lb as this is the amount I feel is a comfortable amount to lose without feeling I need to change too much

I hope if you guys are on this journey too you are smashing your goals, and if your are be sure to tell me about them on here or on Instagram

Just a heads up! Recently I’ve been streaming most evenings on twitch (I don’t have a face cam yet) but if you want to come by and say hello, play some warzone and chat about anything in the blogs I’d love to see you there

You can find all of my links here https://linktr.ee/drage162

For now have a great Valentine’s Day and rest of the weekend! Let’s all enjoy some food, maybe a drink and the mighty Arsenal beating Leeds 🔴⚪️

Have a great weekend everyone ♥️ (excuse the dead lockdown trim)

Stay safe everyone ♥️

Published by Drage162

Hi Everyone, I’m Jack, I’m 32 from the UK and welcome to my blog Follow my journey as I travel through different stages in life creating a better future for myself and my family Along the way you can take a look at my weight loss progress including how I’m achieving my goals, my weekly reviews & my future plans I’ll take you through my finances! The good, the bad & the ugly as I work to go from £9500 (as of Feb 2021) in debt with no assets to debt free and something to show for myself I have ups and I have downs, days I feel like I can achieve everything and days where I’m not motivated at all but I’ll document that and look to inspire you guys to achieve your goals too Let’s smash 2021 and make it the year we really take control of our lives and set the foundations for an amazing future ♥️

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