Lockdown Lifestyle 2.0: Losing Motivation In Lockdown

Hey everyone & welcome back to the blog

It’s been over a week since my last post and to be honest with you it’s because of a lack of motivation, and a sense of not knowing who I am right now

That’s why I wanted to get online, get this written out in my notes on my phone and then share it with everyone here

I’ve always been one to not quite understand why people would feel stressed, or deppressed etc and that’s mainly due to the fact that I don’t really let myself get stressed

People who know me will know that not much will phase me

I find it easy to switch off and I find it easy to unwind and just relax along with having a pretty good work life balance

However, things have become rather different over the past couple of months and at this point I find myself losing motivation for things in life

I imagine at this point many people who read this will feel the same

Last year and in the initial lockdown I spent so much time outside doing my daily walks, thinking, listening to podcasts and just enjoying the down time all whilst losing a bit of weight which was brilliant

This lockdown I find myself working 5 days a week and my days off are more spent doing household bits and pieces before heading back to work the following day

It also feels that at this point the weight loss is in vein! Yes I do the weight loss stuff for myself and no one else however I have nothing to look forward to!

No holidays booked, no time away with family, no nights out, nothing! It’s all just getting to the point where I feel my happy go lucky, fun and always joking personality is being taken out of me and I’m slowly just losing all motivation and purpose

I started the lockdown lifestyle 2.0 series and so far I have let myself down with the new weight loss tracking and goals

I’ve also let down anyone reading this as my posts have been super inconsistent in when they are posted, if at all

I have a couple of days where I’m extra motivated and I do a blog or Instagram post then have a week of nothing!

I have come to the realisation that at present I work plenty of hours a week (I’m still working as it’s a retail job) to just pay bills and pay debts! None of which are fun or enjoyable to do! It’s becoming almost a chore!

I miss the occasional cinema trip, the quick pint after work or to watch the football, the 8 hour round trip to watch Arsenal after a long day at work and knowing I’ll be home at 4am and have to work again at 6am!

I miss the Gym & being able to train with friends

Of course I know that this situation is based on myself in regards to debts but in regards to being in lockdown there isn’t much I can do about that

I know that once I find my motivation again I’ll be set and ready to get back on the journey to being debt free & in a better head space for the weight loss journey

My current weeks just consist of me tracking food one day, and not caring the following day

If you read this and you have had a block like this or you have felt down or unmotivated tell me how you dealt with it? I’d love to know what you did to change your mindset or get back to the way you were feeling previously

For now I just wanted to make a post and go over how I’m feeling and I know some people will not want to read this & for others this may be a huge help knowing that there are plenty of people out there feeling the toll of this lockdown

If anyone wants to discuss anything or just say hey then feel free to contact me via my Twitter or Instagram I’ve always got time for a chat

Take care, stay home, stay safe, & stay positive! Well all get through this together

Published by Drage162

Hi Everyone, I’m Jack, I’m 32 from the UK and welcome to my blog Follow my journey as I travel through different stages in life creating a better future for myself and my family Along the way you can take a look at my weight loss progress including how I’m achieving my goals, my weekly reviews & my future plans I’ll take you through my finances! The good, the bad & the ugly as I work to go from £9500 (as of Feb 2021) in debt with no assets to debt free and something to show for myself I have ups and I have downs, days I feel like I can achieve everything and days where I’m not motivated at all but I’ll document that and look to inspire you guys to achieve your goals too Let’s smash 2021 and make it the year we really take control of our lives and set the foundations for an amazing future ♥️

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