Lockdown Lifestyle 2.0: End of Week 1 Review

Hey everyone and welcome back to the blog

It’s time for the first update blog of the lockdown lifestyle 2.0 series in which we go over everything from the previous week in regards to the weight loss journey

Where we did bad, where we did good, what we learnt and what we will change going forward! And of course the figures for the week

Let’s get into the figures

We started the journey once again on Monday 4th January and our first weigh in and the start weight was a whopping 219.0lb meaning over the past month or maybe a bit longer we’ve put on around 10.0lb or so

But we had fun, we ate well and we don’t dwell on that we just get back to it and go again

Anyway back to the week at hand! Monday we weighed in for day one of the new journey which is gonna last around 16 weeks before we decide from there what to do next! Hopefully lockdown will be over and we’ll move towards getting back into the gym

Week 1 though, by the end of it we had hit an average weigh in of 215.9lb giving us an overall loss last week of 3.1lb

The numbers and the goal

And to be honest I’m more than happy with that! And I’ll tell you why…

My goal for January was to lose 4lb! Yep…just 4lb which I thought would be achievable and would mean I don’t have to take the first 4 weeks mega serious or even diet like a mad head to get to my goal!

And I was right, I dieted for the week with giving myself a little leeway here and there to get back into the swing of things and I still came out with a decent loss

Of course this may be that I will not lose much this following week but that’s fine! I’m looking to lose 4lb this month and I will be happy with that

The plan for week 1 was all about getting back into the swing of things and in fact that is the plan for the most part of this month it’s about finding routine in what I’m doing

Previously during the lockdown series I was furloughed and that gave me the freedom to choose when I ate, when I exercised and a whole lot of time to do both where as this time around I’m in work, working 35hours minimum per week and I now need to create a routine that fits that

One thing I found this week is that intermittent fasting is a whole lot harder this time around given that when I’m working I tend to get hungrier a lot earlier due to the work load that I have been doing so I will need to find a new balance for the fasting or decide to scrap that and allow myself to eat at any time during the day

In regards to calories I set myself a target of 1950 per day this week, and I do believe this is more than enough though there were days I went over this! I’ll give it another couple of weeks and see if I feel the need to go over or any my goal at any point and then readjust from that point

Moving forward into week 2 and it’s all about moving forward like literally moving!

I didn’t really add any exercise into week 1 of the lockdown lifestyle! So week 2 we want to add in some cardio sessions to really get the heart rate going, get the calories burnt and of course release some happy endorphins into the body which we could no doubt all use at this strange and some what difficult time

What’s the plan for the rest of the month?

With having already lost 3lbs + this week the next few weeks of January are all about shifting another couple of lbs, maybe now looking to hit around 6lbs of weight loss as opposed to 4lb though I won’t be changing the goal as I’m happy if I only lose 4lbs this month

It’s all about getting moving now, adding in some cardio, and some resistance band workouts for now until gym return later in the journey

I hope that everyone is managing to stay focus and get their exercise in, as well as taking steps to create a heather lifestyle all around!

And just know these weekly updates will get better and better no doubt, I’ll be back in the swing of doing them and really giving you some detail on what has been happening

If you have a New Years resolution that involves your own fitness journey be sure to share it with me under this post or on my social media’s

For now though let’s all stay safe, stay positive and where we can stay at home! Things will become easier over time and I hope everyone is doing okay at this difficult time!

My DMs are always open on both instagram & Twitter so feel free to drop me a DM if you wish to talk at all

I’ll catch you all in the next blog

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Hi Everyone, I’m Jack, I’m 32 from the UK and welcome to my blog Follow my journey as I travel through different stages in life creating a better future for myself and my family Along the way you can take a look at my weight loss progress including how I’m achieving my goals, my weekly reviews & my future plans I’ll take you through my finances! The good, the bad & the ugly as I work to go from £9500 (as of Feb 2021) in debt with no assets to debt free and something to show for myself I have ups and I have downs, days I feel like I can achieve everything and days where I’m not motivated at all but I’ll document that and look to inspire you guys to achieve your goals too Let’s smash 2021 and make it the year we really take control of our lives and set the foundations for an amazing future ♥️

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