Week 14: Lockdown Update, The Weight Loss Continues…

Hey everyone and welcome back to another week, & another update in the lockdown weight loss journey

Quick thought, for me I’m back to work this Friday, so technically lockdown is over, but… the process continues and I’ll still be looking to keep dropping weight

Let’s get into the details and see how the week has gone for me, so to start off, at the beginning of the week I was 218.7lb sat at 27lb lost overall during the past weeks

Now it’s Monday and I’m starting the week weighing in at 216.6lb average weight, that means last week we had a decent 2.1lb loss bringing the weight loss to 29.1lb overall, or over 2 stone in dropped weight

The week in numbers

I’ve got to start off by saying how happy I am at this number, at the start of lockdown I was just looking to do some walking and maybe drop a few Lbs, 14 weeks later and were 2 stone lighter!! 2 stone!!

I notice a slight difference around my stomach but not much

I wouldn’t usually want to post pictures of myself on my blog, mainly for a lack of confidence at this current time, but also because when I look at the photos of the 2 days I don’t feel I see much of a difference

For the first month or so I wasn’t taking pictures, but once I hit a stone down I decided it was a good point, since then I have decided to add in a picture every time I lose a stone,

Thought once I have a coach and we get more into cutting down I’ll be looking to add a picture each week to really judge my progress

Of course this isn’t the end, and it’s far from the finish line, but I’m excited by my progress and I’m looking forward to continue this journey and seeing what I can achieve around my work life once back

I do believe this is going to be a challenge in its self, as I work different shifts etc, I’ll need to work around this and make sure I am still getting the right food in and exercise too

The diet is currently still the same as the past few weeks with calories being at around 1790kcal per day, and I find I’m sticking to this well

The one thing I’m struggling with is the exercise, not so much the cardio, as I’m walking 5/6 mile walks everyday, more so the weight side of things

I have a set of weights now, and I start the week strong getting the routines in, then I fall off towards the mid and back end of the week,

I need to find the motivation, and a time of day that works well in order to start getting a weight session in on a more regular basis

Finally, I have decided that I will be going with a nutrition / macro coach, this will most probably be around 6 weeks from now

I feel at this point I will be at around 205lb with the right effort and commitment, and I feel this will be a good stage at which to get more into the gym once again (if they are open) and get the real process of cutting started

It’s all a bit exciting really, and I’m looking forward to see what I can achieve over the next 12-16 weeks in achieving a new and more defined body

Hopefully I haven’t bored you all to death, for now stay safe, stay positive, and I’ll catch you on the next blog

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