Frei-Day Nights Under the Lights: Freiburg vs Monchengladbach Preview

Welcome everyone, I hope your all having a great day, and you’re looking forward to another weekend of football, starting tonight with Freiburg vs Monchengladbach

A quick overview, in this blog we’ll be going over the game, current form of the teams, and who to look out for in terms of some key players for each team

As always, if you do decide you like the look of any of the players mentioned please do your own research before purchasing

Let’s get straight into it,

Coming into the game Freiburg currently sit 8th in the table, with a total of 38pts

They sit just 4 points behind Wolfsburg who are in the Europa League Qualification Spot, with Wolfsburg away coming up after this game

They do sit with a -3 goal difference though, that does show they have an issue in not conceding and at the other end scoring

Current Form since restart –

1-1 Away to Leipzig

0-1 Home to Werder Bremen

3-3 Away draw to Frankfurt

0-1 Home loss to leverkusen

Monchengladbach on the other hand have a goal difference of +22, after watching them last weekend you can understand why they are in a positive, with their attack looking great with regards to Plea & Thuram together.

They currently sit 4th in the table on 56 pts, 2 points behind RB Leipzig in 3rd and joint on points with Leverkusen in 5th in the battle for a Champions League spot with Bayern being their next game to come

Current Form since restart

1-3 Away win at Frankfurt

1-3 Home loss to leverkusen

0-0 Away draw to Bremen

4-1 Home win to union

The last time these two played each other in the league in the reverse fixture the game ended 4-2 in favour of Monchengladbach,

In head to head term both teams have won 7 games and have drawn 5 times!

Both teams seem to have an issue in defence with conceding goals, both teams having conceded in their last 5 fixtures other than 1 0-0 draw for Monchengladbach against Werder Bremen

That all being said I would say that if anyone is looking for a bet on the game potentially you would want to be looking at

• BTTS & Over 2.5 Goals


I’ll have an acca on for the weekend for a couple quid and will be looking at putting in

• Monchengladbach & BTTS

* Disclaimer – I am in no way a tipster, I am just giving my opinion based on the data and stats I have looked at *

So who are the players to watch in this game? Who may earn some divs?

It’s a bronze day with only 1 game on, with payout for TOP DEF, TOP MID, TOP FWD, & STAR MAN at 2p per share

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Let’s start with the home team, and look at the Freiburg players to watch

Nils Petersen:

Price at Time of Preview: 40p

Position: FWD

SofaScore: 6.96

Games played: 29 (Started 23)

Goals: 9

Assists: 2

PB Since Restart: 11 (68mins vs Leipzig) | 15 (90mins vs Bremen) | 54 (31mins vs Frankfurt ⚽️) | 33 (90mins vs Leverkusen)

Average PB: 55

Divs this Season:


• Hit a Peak 205 vs Mainz in January included GWG

• Recently off the Bench to Score


• Playing in a side in a bad run of form

• Tough run of fixtures coming up

• Not Around the National Team

Thoughts on Buying:

With his PB scores being fairly low since the restart I am not sure he would be able to produce anything spectacular over the coming weeks with some tough games including Wolfsburg (A), Hertha (H), & Bayern (A)

He has scored 1 goal since the restart, which if buying now would have given you 1p IPD, & I do believe he could be in with a good shout of another goal in this game with the current form of both team in regards to conceding goals

Vincenzo Grifo:

Price at Time of Preview: 74p

Position: MID

SofaScore: 6.95

Games played: 22 (Started 12)

Goals: 3

Assists: 5

PB Since Restart: 110 (68mins 🅰️) | 99 (90mins) | 155 (82mins ⚽️🅰️) | 62 (75mins)

Average PB: 79.28

Divs this Season: 5p


• 27 Years old

• Chance of Euros with Italy

• Recorded Good PB’s since restart


• Needs to add more goals to his game

• Assists relatively low at 5

Thoughts on Buying:

Since the restart Grifo has been a stand out performer in an underperforming Freiburg team,

With 2 assists and a goal in the past 4 games, if he can continue his run of form and get a couple more before the end of the season he could be great for IPD & for PB

This could also bring around some more opportunities with Italy, though he has only made 3 appearances since debut in 2018

Cristian Gunter:

Price at Time of Preview: 54p

Position: MID

SofaScore: 6.99

Games played: 29 (Started All)

Goals: 2

Assists: 6

PB Since Restart: 63 (90mins) | 117 (90mins) | 81 (90mins 🅰️) | 85 (90mins)

Average PB: 99

Divs this Season: 0p


• Created 9 Big Chances this season

• Played all games for Freiburg

• 27 Years Old


• No Link with International Football

• Doesn’t get many goals

Thoughts on Buying:

At 27 years old he is reaching the peak years of his career,

He has created 9 big chances this season for Freiburg, scored 2 and assisted 6,

His PB scores since the restart have been very good considering he has only 1 assist in those 4 games, if he could increase his output of goal contributions through goals and assists he could be a good hold going forward

Alexander Schwolow:

Price at Time of Preview: 23p

Position: GK

SofaScore: 7.09

Games played: 20 (Started All)

Goals Conceeded per Game: 1.3

Saves per Game: 3.6 (73%)

PB Since Restart: 141 | 67 | 171 | -6

Average PB: 75

Divs this Season: £0.00

I just wanted to mention Schwolow, I’ve watched Freiburg a couple of times and he has been fairly decent, though they have conceded goals, he seems to get his fair share of saves, and touches of the ball, I’ve bout 50 shares just for an IPD bit of fun, and if he manages a PB win it’s a good return on 23-25p

So that’s the players from Freiburg I would personally be looking at if I was to invest into any one on particular

As I say I have around 50 shares of Schwolow, and this is mainly for a bit of fun over the coming weeks and a chance at some returns for little risk on price.

Now let’s get into Monchengladbach and see who the key players could be and who I believe should be the players to look at pre game for IPD & the chance of PB

Marcus Thuram:

Price at Time of Preview: £2.23p

Position: FWD

SofaScore: 7.16

Games played: 29 (Started 26)

Goals: 10

Assists: 8

PB Since Restart: 130 (66mins ⚽️ vs Frankfurt) | 54 (78mins ⚽️ vs Leverkusen) | 60 (82mins vs Werder Bremen) | 225 (90mins vs Union Berlin)

Average PB: 79

Divs this Season: 2p


• Potential Champions League next season

• Chance at Euro 21 or WC 22 call up

• Producing both Goals & Assists


• Doesn’t seem to produce the top scores on a gold day

• Scoring frequency is 212 mins

Thoughts on Buying:

With a tight run of games coming over the next few weeks before the end of the season he could be a great hold in terms of IPD and could return a few pence per share in that time if he continues with his scoring and assist record,

With this being a bronze match day there could be a good chance of a Top FWD score and a further 2p in Divs

Alessane Plea:

Price at Time of Preview: £1.54p

Position: FWD

SofaScore: 7.32

Games played: 26 (Started 24)

Goals: 10

Assists: 10

PB Since Restart: 106 (89mins ⚽️) | 27 (90mins 🅰️) | 66 (90mins) | 166 (90mins ⚽️🅰️🅰️)

Average PB: 82

Divs this Season: 8p


• A good PB average so far

• Producing Both Goals & Assists

• Champions League Next Season Maybe


• 27 Years old & Not around the France Sqaud

• Fighting with Thuram for PB

Thoughts on Buying:

If you want a cheaper alternative to Thuram, I would 100% be looking at Plea, with a higher PB average and with 10 goals and 10 assists this season he has shown he can produce both!

Although he is competing directly against Thuram for PB it seems as though they work well together and are always looking to help the other get a goal or 2,

Another good shout for IPD over the next month, and chances of PB through European football next season too

Ramy Bensebaini:

Price at Time of Preview: 94p

Position: DEF

SofaScore: 7.15

Games played: 15 (Started 12)

Goals: 5

Assists: 2

PB Since Restart: 149 (78mins ⚽️🅰️) | 109 (90mins) | 29 (19mins) | 131 (89mins 🅰️)

Average PB: 68

Divs this Season: 0p


• Takes his fair share of Penalties & Free Kicks

• LB who likes to get forward and get an assist or 2

• Been consistent in PB since the return of football


• Hasn’t yet hit won Top DEF this season

• Passing Accuracy Below 80%

• Stindl on Penalties when on the Field

Thoughts on Buying:

I personally hold 25 of Ramy, I unfortunately bought prior to the Bundesliga starting and well I’m advance that I don’t get IPD,

Someone I have looked at again and again to re invest in for the IPD factor, looks the kind of player to get forward and likes to be around the box for a cross / assist

Have seen him take a couple of near free kicks since the restart and has looked dangerous, as well as scoring from the spot, even with Thuram & Plea on the pitch

Florian Neuhaus:

Price at Time of Preview: £1.33p

Position: MID

SofaScore: 6.98

Games played: 25 (Started 21)

Goals: 4

Assists: 2

PB Since Restart: 109 (89mins) | 95 (90mins) | 147 (90mins) | 144 (89mins ⚽️)

Average PB: 78

Divs this Season: 0p


• Consistent PB since the restart

• Young German International, chance at Euro 21 or WC 22


• Having started 21 games this season he has only 6 goals involvements

• Missed 5 big chances this season

Thoughts on Buying:

The German international is only 23 years old, with the market being a 3 year hold he could be a great one, with plenty of time ahead of him,

If he can cement a place into this Monchengladbach team, and force his way into the German squad for the Euros & World Cup hell have a shot at plenty of PB

Had produced a couple of solid scores since the restart having only scored in one of them, at £1.33p he seems a bargain compared to others in the league

As always, everything above is all my personal opinion, and stats taken from sources online, please do your own research,

Be sure of course to check out

Football Index Scout

Index Gain

Sofa Score

As well as many other great places online to look for the best and more accurate stats

Personally I hold Schwolow (50 Shares) & Bensebaini (25 Shares), but I may potentially look to buy a handful of Neuhaus & Plea prior to the 3pm cut off for the chance at IPD and PB

Hopefully it’s a great game, and the start of a great game week on the Bundesliga,

If you make it this far and have enjoyed this content please do show some support by sharing or commenting on this blog

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As always stay safe, stay home where possible, and stay positive

It’s not long now until the Premier League, La Liga & Serie A are back and that can only mean the return of Gold Days

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