Week 10: The Lockdown Lifestyle – Were Back!!!

Week 10: The Lockdown Lifestyle – Were Back!!!

Welcome back everyone! lets start by saying what an incredible week it’s been! The weather has been unreal, it’s like be on holiday in a foreign country at this point

1 positive thing to come out of COVID personally is how I’ve had the chance to spend time with my 9 month old daughter and enjoy this beautiful weather together

Now, that’s enough weather chat, let’s get down to business with the Sunday weigh in, firstly let’s see where we were at last weekend

Of course after a week where I began to feel complacent, I stepped on the scale last Sunday and recorded a 1.2lb weight loss

Average Weight: 227.3lb

Total Gain / Loss for Week: – 1.2lb

Over Gain / Loss: – 18.4lb

We hit 18.4lb weight loss to date, so, we had a blip in mindset, but we came back Monday and we went again,

Today I stepped on the scale weighing in at 223.6lb which gives me an average for the week of 224.5lb

That’s a Loss of 2.8lb, and I couldn’t be happier, we hit and passed the 20lb lost mark, which is great

As we spoke about last week, it looks as though I will have another few weeks of being furloughed and no work, so plenty of time to put in more effort and really shed some more weight!

The week started extremely strong, I have been doing roughly 30 mins on the treadmill, 2 mornings on, 1 morning off, consisting of 3 minutes warm up, then 7 minutes running at around 8/9kmph, then 3 mins at 6kmph repeating this 3 cycles

The usual daily walks of around 5.5 – 6 miles have continued and will be a stable throughout this whole process

What’s changing going forward

This week I’ll be continuing with my calories at 1800kcal per day in regards to diet, I still only track calories and don’t go too in depth, in a couple of weeks time when the gyms potentially re open and I can go back I’ll be looking to look more at macros and more in depth at nutrition

I’ll be keeping up with 30 minute runs, and looking to increase the time to 35 mins on some of them, slow and steady in building this up

With regards to resistance bands, I’ve purchased another set of these, this time ones that have an anchor to hook to the door in order to do more exercises, so I’ll be looking to incorporate 3-5 resistance band routines this week

If you want to pick up a set of band then I got mine from Amazon, and they have everything you need in order to start working out with them


Not at all bad for £22 as I had previously found them at around £30 with P&P on top, loads of different settings with the weight / resistance of the bands, and plenty of exercises that can be done with them

Amazon Resistance Bands

I’ll be looking to do some blogs detailing what routines I have done with these for anyone looking to follow

We’re stepping things up this week, in regards to workouts and really trying to mimic the gym and what can be done there

Overall it’s been a great week, long may it continue, And let’s all go out and smash this coming week.

That’s all for today, I hope your all well! Stay safe, stay home where possible, stay positive ♥️

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