Week 9 Lockdown Lifestyle: Getting Complacent…Is this a good thing?

It’s Monday, there was not blog post yesterday, in fact there was no post for the last couple of days.

I don’t want to make excuses, but occasionally I lack the motivation to do a blog post, for the simple fact all my posts are made on my phone, researched (if any), typed, edited, everything on my phone and I just find it can make an easy process longer.

It’s something I’ll be looking to adapt to, but also looking to invest in a laptop, to crate even better content over time.

For now though let’s talk about last week, the weight loss, the numbers and everything in between

I spent last week telling myself I would go for a run everyday, that didn’t come to fruition until Friday, and by then it was the only run of the week due to going for an early walk on both Saturday & Sunday in order to watch the football.

I have tasked myself with going for a minimum of 3 runs this week, I’m looking to do 30 minutes a time and they will be a mix of 1 minute 15 seconds jogging, followed by 1 minute 45 seconds of waking, repeating for 10 cycles

I haven’t run in a long time and after having a look online and a few different places, I believe this is the best way to go for the first week or two at least.

How did the previous week go?

As usual the weigh in were done everyday, around the same time, and same conditions.

I found my weight was a bit up and down this week, which is fine, it’s a reason why I work with average weights and not just a daily weigh in

Having lost about 17lb to this point, I went into the week feeling like I would easily hit 2/3 lb and be closer to 20!

Although I did lose weight this week, it was not the numbers I was thinking, it was an overall loss of 1.2lb, which, don’t get me wrong I’m more than happy with

However, I think this was because I had become complacent, I thought I was just going to lose weight all the time without fail, and more than I did

I had a couple days where I went slightly over calories, and for no teal reason, other than why not,

But, I’ve worked my ass to get to this point and I should be more strict and more motivated to continue!

Which is all good, after seeing the number on the scale and the average weight and the loss, it’s given me a new motivation!!

I want to beat the number this week, and continue to do that, I want to hit 2 stone before I go back to work, which is 5 – 7 weeks away, given that information and being at 18lb loss right now, I’ll be needing to lose around 2-3lb per week moving forward

I now have a goal in mind for the next period in this weight loss journey, and I’ll be looking to work hard in order to get to the weight I want to get to,

The overall long term goal right now, is to get into some relative shape before Gyms reopen in order to get back to training, where I will then take on a 12-16 week cut, that will focus on getting in the best shape of my life and will of course be documented from start to finish.

Hopefully anyone reading this can take something away from today’s blog, even if you do sometimes get complacent, don’t dwell on it, get your head back in the game, get a plan set out and get back to doing what you do

Use the period of complacency as motivation to continue to push your boundaries and keep striving to achieve your goals

We all get complacent at times, but we can always overcome it, and continue to achieve what we set out too!

I won’t be adding in a plan for the next 7 days other than hitting 3 30minute runs, eating around 1800 kcal per day,

But Sunday will be another update and let’s see if I have managed to overcome this and smash a new week

I hope your all having a great day, stay safe, stay home, stay positive

Footnote: This blog was going to be posted Monday but I didn’t have time, so it’s Tuesday, but, I can confirm I jumped on the treadmill yesterday and completed 30 minutes, as well as this morning, so that’s a good start

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