Game of the Day – Borrusia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich

Welcome back everyone, and welcome to a new series on the blog.

This is something I’ve been thinking about doing over the past couple of weeks, & today it starts

Please do bear in mind this is the first one, and I’m sure as time goes by they will get better and better, all feedback, comments etc. At this stage and throughout is appreciated to help improve and create the best content I can

The series is called Game of the Day!

With the return of football & the Bundesliga, I began to do a review of the weekend games, however this is very long and not too in detail, so begins the GOTD series

Each game day I’ll be reviewing 1 game from the previous day with a bit more analysis around the teams in regards to FI

Borrusia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich

Both teams coming into this game were on Win streaks in the league, and in hot form in the league both before and after the restart

Dortmund currently haven’t lost in 6 games, winning their 1st 2 games of the restart scoring 6 & conceding 0

Bayern haven’t lost a league game since back in 2019, also winning the 1st 2 games of the restart scoring 7 & conceding 2

Clearly both teams are functioning well all around going into the game,

Let’s have a look at some of the key players, along with the player ive added in their price Pre Game & Price the following morning to see what increase (if any) they have had…

Jadon Sancho

Sat on 14 goals and 16 assists this season, he had a small run out in the first game, and a few more minutes in the 2nd, grabbing an assist from the bench!

11:30am Tues Price – £13.53p

07:30am Weds Price – £13.54p

Erling Braut Haaland

Another piece of hot property right now, scoring 10 goals and having assisted 2, he’s showing exactly why he is going to be one of the best in the world

11:30am Tues Price – £8.58p

07:30am Weds Price – £8.47p

Raphael Guerreiro

Since the restart Guerreiro has been in fine form with 3 goals in 2 game’s from full back, an attacking full back who has assists & goals in him

11:30am Tues Price – £1.73p

07:30am Weds Price – £1.74p

Joshua Kimmich

Having moved from Defender to Midfielder on the Index he has started the restart coming 2nd & 1st on PB for top Midfielder, showing he has all the quality to win PB in both positions

11:30am Tues Price – £4.35p

07:30am Weds Price – £4.46p

Robert Lewandowski

Having played 25 games this season the striker has 27 goals and 3 assists, and looks to continue this form going into the later stages of the league

11:30am Tues Price – £2.42p

07:30am Weds Price – £2.40p

Alphonso Davies

The LB has 2 goals and 5 assists this season, with 1 of each coming in the previous game in which he won top defender

11:30am Tues Price – £4.46p

07:30am Weds Price – £4.54p

Of course with both teams there will be plenty of players to watch out for over the season, for me personally I hold

• Coutinho – 4 Shares

• Alaba – 18 Shares

• Pavard – 25 Shares

• Sancho – 11 Shares

Let’s get into the game and the key talking points:

1-0 Bayern Munich – Kimmich with a audacious chip from the edge of the penalty box, Burki gets a hand to it, but ultimately can do nothing about it!

A 1st half full of chances for both teams, but it’s Bayern who come out on top 1-0 at half time.

Dortmund looking great with some of their passing, but they just lack a final ball at times, Haaland with a scuffed chance the pick of the bunch

To be perfectly honest in regards to the game itself, it was a good game, the 2nd half was a lot more enjoyable personally.

Let’s take a look at some of the big name players in the game and what they produced…

Jadon Sancho

Purely from an eye test point of view, it’s clear to see Sancho’s got talent, although it took him a bit of time to adjust to the game, as to be expected, he started to find his feet and looked good on the ball

In fact having played 45 minutes, he managed 44 touches, 33 passes giving him 89% pass accuracy including 2 key passes!

When you compare this players similar to Sancho in position, say Kingsley Conan who played 77 mins with 47 touches, 25 passes giving him 83% pass accuracy including 1 key pass! Conan did however create 1 big chance & had 1 shot on target, again something Sancho may have matched or bettered given the same minutes.

Or Serge Gnabry who had 87 mins on the pitch completing 31 passes with an accuracy rate of 91%, 49 touches and 2 key passes! Gnabry also produced 1 shot on target, and missed 1 big chance!

You have to think that given more time on the pitch and he would have created more, or produced something that may have led to a goal.

Joshua Kimmich

Kimmich now playing as a midfielder has shown over previous weeks that he has what it takes to challenge for PB from this position, which was no different during this game

Having a score of 229 once again for this game, he’s now produced 3 similar scores since the restart of the Bundesliga

Scoring the only goal of the game, and incredible lob from outside the area to the far stick, if he could of course add more goals or assists he could really hit some huge scores

In a 90 minute performance Kimmich had 104 touches, 72 passes resulting in 88% accuracy, & 1 shot on target resulting in a goal.

Personally I don’t think either of the midfielders for Dortmund came close to his performance

Currently at a Price of around £4.50 on the index, you have to think this is undervalued with the high level of scores Kimmich is putting in, aswell as having a Euros, World Cup, & Bayern in the latter stages of the Champions League he has plenty of chance for PB wins going forward

Kimmich coming in 2nd place overall for PB midfielders for the evening!

In defence for Bayern a few players to look out for were all up there for PB, however they were all beaten by Neaur in goal with a score of 170

David Alaba – 158

Alaba up there with 75 touches, 5 clearances, 62 passes (95% acc.), 4 long balls including 3 successful ones and 90 minutes completed

Since the arrival of Alphonso Davies at LB after Hernandez was injured, Alaba has slotted into the centre back role, & although I believed this would give him less chance at PB the past 2 games he has been up there with the top defenders in the league for sure.

Alphonso Davies – 124

Speaking of Alphonso Davies, next behind Alaba for PB, he too completed 90 minutes, 95 touches, 43 passes (82% acc.), 2 clearances & 2 tackles. Though he did also pick up a Yellow card which would have gone against him

This guy looks like a real top quality player, it’s a shame he isn’t European for the chance of the Euros etc, but he’s a great player to watch, always looking to beat a man before playing some quality balls & always looking to create an opportunity from full back

And further to those two the 2 players left who made up the back 4 scored just below Davies

Jerome Boateng – 120

Benjamin Pavard – 117

Of course all 4 of the above included a clean sheet with Bayern winning to 0

From Dortmund, although they lost 2 players I thought stood out and really did fight for the cause were the 2 of the back 3, Hummels & Piszczek, of course taking nothing away from Akanji

Mats Hummels

Played 90 minutes with a solid score performance including 6 clearances, 3 blocked shots, 5 interceptions, 72 touches, & 42 passes (78% acc.)

Lucas Piszczek

Played 80 minutes and produced 2 clearances, 1 blocked shot, 1 interception, 2 tackles, 58 touches & 36 passes (81% acc.)

Personally I don’t believe Dortmund deserved to lose the game and a draw could of been a fair result,

There was of course the moment where Haaland shot was blocked by Boateng with which looked like his elbow, this incident didn’t get challenged, nor did it go to VAR surprisingly though.

The final talking point is Haaland, sat at £8.58 pre game on the index, is he worth the money and putting money into him at that price?

During the game Haaland produced a couple of moments that could have been different, within the first minute he picked up the ball from a blocked shot, and took a shot through the keepers leg only to be cleared on the line by Boateng,

He had the shot that was blocked by Boateng elbow, and he had a scuffed shot,

Playing 72 minutes before going off with what looked like a slight injury, Haaland produced just 26 touches, 1 shot on target which would be in minute 1 of the game, & 11 passes (78% acc.)

To me those stats do not scream PB monster, and I think that will be the case with Haaland, unless he is playing 80-90 mins against weaker opposition and bagging a couple goals or assists he scores for PB are relatively low,

This, along with the potential injury is apparent this morning having seen his price drop 11p over night

Of course he’s only 19, and has plenty of years ahead, he could have Euros & World Cups in that period, plus he has the potential of moving to another club, maybe following the Sancho route to United where he would be certain to gain media,

So over the span of his career maybe he wins enough divs to make it worth while, for me currently he isn’t someone I look to hold, but can understand both sides of the argument

I hope if you’ve made it this far you have enjoyed todays blog, there will be another tomorrow reviewing one of tonight’s games

In the meantime stay safe, stay home, stay positive, and have a great day

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