Bundesliga Round Up!! The Highs & Low on FI

Welcome back to the blog everyone! I hope you have had a fantastic weekend! The sun was shining, you got your exercise in, & you got chance to watch some Bundesliga action!!! 🇩🇪

It’s been a long time it seems since we had any real football, but that void was filled at 14:30 Saturday afternoon when a handful of team welcomed the Bundesliga back!

With all eyes seemingly on the big game of the day, the Revier Derby!! Borrusia Dortmund vs Schalke 04!! Cmon the blues!! (Note: bad choice of team 🤦🏻‍♂️)

That wasn’t the only action we had though at the same time we saw 4 other games including

Augsburg vs Wolfsburg

Düsseldorf vs Paderborn

Hoffenheim vs Hertha

RB Leipzip vs Freiburg

With Frankfurt vs Monchengladbach followed on later on in the evening!

Of course in terms of FI for the weekend there was plenty to be won in dividends! From the 5 place MB payouts, to the Top Performers on the day winning Silver PB! And not forgetting the return of In Play Dividends!!!

What a day! So let’s recap on some of the games, goals and everything FI related, starting with the feature game!

Dortmund vs Schalke – BVB 4 – 0 S04

First off! What a performance from Dortmund! And how underwhelming were Schalke!

Schalke are a team who have scored only 8 goals on 2020, they look in desperate need of a striker! And at the other end of the pitch it looks worse with there keeper situation looking woeful!

Dortmund, without several key players in Emee Can, Axel Witsel, and with Jadon Sancho sat on the bench with a slight knock!

The game however went very much as would be expected knowing this, Dortmund played Schalke off the park and ran out 4-0 winners! Haaland looking as good as when the football ended, with the first goal of the game after a great ball from Thorgan Hazard!

Hazard later would take his chance when making the game 3-0 after a Guerreiro goal in between!

The game was finished off with Guerreiro getting his 2nd of the day!

One thing that was apparent was the way Guerreiro (8.6) & Hakimi (7.2) Play on the wings, up and down, creating chances constantly!

The standout here were Haaland who shot up the media rankings to top spot at 5pm! And Guerreiro who was Top defender after the game with 245 points!!

A couple of players to watch, in the PB charts

Haaland – 150 Including 1 ⚽️ + 1 🅰️
Julian Brandt – 173 Including 2 🅰️
Gurreiro – 245 Including 2 ⚽️

Augsburg vs Wolfsburg – AUG 1 – 2 WLF

Pick of the Bunch

Mbabu – 160 Including 1 🅰️

Düsseldorf vs Paderborn – DUS 0 – 0 PAD

Hunemeier (128), Ayhan (129), Giesselmann (130) – 129 Including 🚫 each

Hoffenheim vs Hertha – HOF 0 – 3 HER

Torunaringha – 192 Including 1 🅰️ + 🚫
Ibisevic – 170 Including 1 ⚽️

RB Leipzip vs Freiburg – RBL 1 – 1 FRE

Halstenberg – 185 with No ⚽️ or 🅰️
Kampl – 143 Including 1 🅰️

A couple of mentions here to both goalkeeper Burki with a 137 with a clean sheet! And more impressive Schwolow of Freiburg with a 141 without a clean sheet!

If something does come of FI giving goal keepers their own catergory this is always something I like to look out for especially with the latter at 24p!

But of course this may never happen, and at present I don’t invest / bet on goalkeepers personally!

Frankfurt vs M’gladbach – FRA 1 – 3 MON

The second game of the day on BT Sport I was able to watch! And 38 seconds in it was 1-0 via a Plea goal! 6 minutes later and a Bensebaini low driven cross found Thuram to make it 2-0!

At the break it’s 2-0 the Mgladbach, Plea looking good along with Thuram, Sommer with a good save from a Kostic free kick, Bensebaini doing well!

Frankfurt looking a little defeated already it seems, though a couple of pleasers to watch out for namely Kostic who seems to be involved in everything good for Frankfurt!

70th min, and a pen is awarded! And it’s that man Bensebaini to take it…And Score!! This guy is a quality act!!

Finally Andre Silva gets a consolation for Frankfurt!

Stand Out Players:

Bensebaini – 149 Including 1 ⚽️ + 1 🅰️
Hoffman – 142 Including 1 🅰️

Who Won Dividends!

As we all know dividends are a huge part of the platform, and congratulations if you were on any of the Top Players for the Day!!

Top Defender = 4p
Top Midfielder (4p) & Star Man (4p) = 8p
Top Forward = 4p

On we go to Sunday!!

At this point heading into Sunday on the First Bundesliga weekend back, I just want to take the chance to plug of course Football Index!!

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Now back to the Bundesliga 🇩🇪

This blog is of course wrote over the whole weekend with it being Sunday and 2 games today making it a Bronze PB day!

First up we have

FC Koln vs Mainz – KOL 2 – 2 MNZ

1-0 to Koln after just 6 minutes, when Uth concerted from the penalty spot! A player who has been spoken a lot about of late with the league returning!

8 minutes into the 2nd half and we saw the 2nd goal of the game, once again for Koln, this time coming from Kainz assisted by substitute Drexler!

A decent finish, and the game was 2-1! Better than that though, the ball by Quaison was fantastic!!!

AND THIS IS WHAT WE WAITED FOR!!!! 2-2 a nice solo goal from Kunde!! It’s great to have football back and the excitement of it! It’s been strange with no crowds and the atmosphere being different! But my god did we need to see some football!!

A couple of standouts for me would be the boys from Midflied

Uth – 180 including 1 ⚽️
Kunde – 141 Including 1 ⚽️
Baku – 139 Including 1 🅰️

Next Up in the final game of Sunday is Union Berlin vs Bayern

Before this one starts I’m expecting a very dominant display from Bayern, and at this point looking at the PB charts the Bayern players to out score many from game 1 of the day!

Union Berlin vs Bayern – UNB 0 – 2 BAY

As imagined, half time approaches and Bayern are in the lead, all be it 1-0 via a Lewandoski penalty which was Cooley finished!

Bayern have dominated the first half, and you’d imagine watching that they will look to up it a gear 2nd half and really start looking to kill off the game!!

Couple of personal first half thoughts Thomas Muller though 30 years old is looking quality! Thiago is playing great in the middle of the park! Alphonso Davies and Alaba both look sharp! Some to watch out for, for sure!

Second half the game is wrapped up by a Pavard goal from a Kimmich corner!!

Stand Out Players

Lewandowski – 130 Including 1 ⚽️
Top Forward = 2p
Kimmich – 229 Including 1 🅰️
Top Midfielder = 2p
Pavard – 231 Including 1 ⚽️ + 🚫
Top Defender (2p) + Star Man (2p) = 4p

As expecting Bayern dominated the game, and these 3 lads all hit top score in there positions meaning they all got a PB payout for dividends!!

I put out a poll on Twitter too and would love to know your thoughts on Kimmich! At £4.20 & rising is he overpriced or underpriced & same with Pavard??

That’s all for the weekend action baring the Monday night game which is Bremen vs Leverkusen!

Werder Bremen vs Bayer Leverkusen

WER 1 – 4 BYL

What a game I thought this one was! Leverkusen putting on a great performance and coming out on largely on top!

The boy wonder Havertz, as you imagine collecting 2 goals & Diaby with 2 assists! A couple of players who are worth watching and seeing what happens with them!

Demirbay picking up a goal and assist too, and weiser with the other goal!

Some great stand out players in the game especially in the Leverkusen team!

Dividend Winners for Monday

Bailey – 64
Top Forward = 2p
Demirbay – 240 Including 1 ⚽️
Top Midfielder (2p) + Star Man (2p) = 4p
Weiser – 166 Including 1 ⚽️
Top Defender = 2p

My Personal Standout Players & Ones to Watch

Joshua Kimmich – The obvious of course, the worry for kimmich was would he hit big scores from midfield as he has from defence, & although this was just 1 game, it looks as though he can still do it from midfield! With a Euros & World Cup on the horizon and as a proven PB player he looks a real good hold!!

Ramy Bensebaini – 24 year old Algerian defender showed his quality in the game for M’gladbach at the weekend, providing an assist & scoring from the spot! If he is to be the set penalty taker, and continues to get up and down the left he seems a good prospect to have in the port

Jordan Torunarigha – Stood out in a 3-0 hertha win, with an Assist & Clean sheet, whilst making 2 key passes, & 94% accuracy across 68 passes, all from what looked like Centre Back!!

Julian Brandt – In a team where Guerreiro & Haaland stood out, Brandt put in a solid performance with 2 assists, 82 touches & 3 key passes, showing his quality! As a 24 year old German international with the euro & World Cup ahead he looks another solid hold

Kerem Demirbay – An excellent display in the Leverkusen game, getting a goal and assist, and hitting 240 PB score! At sub £1 if he can continue and play like this he could be a steal

Of course these are just my personal stand out players, there were a handful others I believe looked good this weekend! Kai Havertz of course, Joshua Kimmich to name another!

Always do your own research on players and don’t take one games impressions as what they do every game!

This is of course a bit of a different blog to normal and something I’ll be looking to do in the future, potentially picking 3 to 5 games of the weekend / that I have watched and give some analysis, stand out players and my thoughts!

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog!

For now as always please support the blog and check out both football index using my referer code! & check out Footstock

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As always Stay Safe, Stay Home Where Possible & Stay Positive ♥️

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