Week 8: The Lockdown Lifestyle Changes Continue 🔒

Welcome back everyone! It’s Sunday! It’s been a sunny weekend! Football returned! & were back for another weigh in!

So, let’s start with the all important numbers from the previous week & see where we were at come last Sunday!!

Average Weight: 231.0lb

Total Gain / Loss for Week: – 2.7lb

Over Gain / Loss: – 14.7lb

That’s right last weekend we finally hit the 1 stone mark on this weight loss, and healthier lifestyle journey!

Now, let’s see what happened this week! Here’s my weigh ins from the past 7 days

This morning I weighed in at 228.0lb giving me the average weight over the past 7 days of 228.5lb and a loss of 2.5lb!!!

We now sit at 17.2lb lighter than when we started, and I couldn’t be happier!

What’s more, with the hospitality sector looking unlikely to reopen until July I imagine I have another 3 weeks minimum off work! Which means it’s time to really knuckle down and work toward hitting the 2 stone mark!

One thing I’m also extremely excited about is that from the start I have told myself if I could get to below 228.0lb on the nose average weight, I would allow myself 1 cheat meal! Which is now looking closer than ever!!!

Of course the drop in weigh is showing everything is working! And in the end I kept it simple this week!

Daily walks of around 5.5 – 6 miles, eating well, and continue to fast on a 16/8 hr scale!

What’s changing going forward:

Like I said, it’s looking like I’ll have 3 more weeks at least of being at home during lockdown! I’ve been online, I’ve purchased some running gear, and this week I’ll be looking to get out on the roads and get some extra miles in a couple of times!

This won’t affect my daily walk, and I’ll be continuing to do this, the running will be in addition to this in order to burn some extra calories!

I’ll be keeping my calories the same at 1900kcal, and will keep them at this level until i see a real halt in progress or plateau!

The resistance bands have also now arrived, and I’ll be looking into some full body workouts using these and a couple of kettlebells I have in order to get some resistance training in!

Everything will be stepped up a bit this week! The progress to this date has been great and I’ve been working hard for it to be a success!

But there is room to tweak a few things and hopefully shed a little bit extra each week moving forward!

Overall it’s been a great week! And long may it continue!!

That’s all for today, I hope your all well! Stay safe, stay home where possible, stay positive ♥️

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