The Germans are Coming! Bundesliga returns this Weekend!!!

I hope everyone is has had a great start to the week, if your back to work, I hope your transition well back into it! If your still like me, in lockdown, I hope your staying safe and counting down the days until you can return to work!

It’s Tuesday! Which means there is now only 4 Days until the long awaited return of football! And more specifically the Bundesliga!!

14:30 Saturday, and it’ll be time to sit back and enjoy some top football! Yes, it’ll be strange watching a game in a rather silent arena, with fans no where to be seen! But the return of this great sport and league is just the start of things to come!

With that being said, I thought why not take a bit of time today, and check out the clan of Bundesliga players I currently have in my FI portfolio!

I’ll be watching with great interest, with Silver confirmed as a Silver Match Day! And Sunday a Bronze Match Day! Along with media there will be plenty of dividends on offer

My eyes will of course be firmly on the Dortmund vs Schalke game personally!

1. Because I have decided Schalke 04 will be my adopted German team whilst we await the return of the beloved Arsenal FC!

2. I have a small position in Jadon Sancho of Dortmund and a handful of Schalke players!

Without further delay who’s in the port?? In no particular order

Now I have been over some of these holds previously, so I will just name the first few, but won’t be going into detail as this can be found on previous blogs

The 5 players above have all been in the portfolio a while now! And I will be hoping they can all push towards winning some PB over the coming game weeks! It’s an exciting time right now!!

Following on from them, let’s get into the newest editions to the portfolio

Quick note, Sancho was purchased on 1st May, the rest of the players on the 7th/8th May, so with IPD in effect once leagues resume, I could also be in for some small wins through goals and assists!!

1. Jadon Sancho – Price Per Share £13.48

So I had Sancho on my watchlist at £12 on the nose! I hesitated and decided that he wouldn’t rise any more, this was just as the United rumours were kicking off,

Since then he has been a rocket and gone up and up, rising £1.48 in that time and picking up plenty of divs in the process!

At which point I decided I couldn’t wait any more, & that I needed to be on Sancho! I bought 11 shares, and although the media has dried up lately, I still believe once the Bundesliga starts again, a couple of going performances and he’ll be talk of the town, and will once again begin to rocket!

There are talks that he could potentially now stay at Dortmund for another year! Does that worry or bother me? In short, NO! I look at this as a 3 year hold and believe in that time with Dortmund having the League & Champs League, as well as Sancho no doubt being a key part of England’s Euros and World Cup campaigns there is plenty of chances for dividends! And of course more Media!

2. Arne Maier – Price Per Share 90p

Every so often you have to confess about taking a punt on a player you know little of, and this is one of them times,

Coming runner up to Kai Havertz in the 2018 Fritz Walter award, and having represented Germany at all levels up to U21s he could be a big talent,

He was recently covered by Rob Hemingway on the FI blog, and compared to Toni Kroos, if he gets a run in the Hertha side while rotation is needed and hits the ground running, he could potentially fly up the market!

At 90p a share, it’s worth a punt from me!

3. Dodi Lukebakio – Price Per Share 96p

Another relatively cheap player for 96p! Lukebakio is a 22 year old Belgium forward playing for Hertha!

Having player 22 games this season, starting 16 of those he currently sits on 5 goals and 5 assists in the league

Though Hertha do have a few decent options up top with Piatek & Cunha, I will be hoping when Lukebakio get opportunities he will be making the most of them, and with rotation much needed during the busy schedule ahead, I can see him potentially getting a couple of goals!

4. Weston Mckennie – Price Per Share 85p

A player I’m extremely excited about, I have watched him a couple of times now and believe he could be a great talent, with him also recently coming out and saying he dreams of playing in the premier league and at only 21 years old, he could be a great hold!

Having played 20 games this season, and starting 16 of these, he has 1 goal, & 0 assists, something he will need to improve, but at a young age he has time on his side!

Before the break in football he had put in a 8.0 SofaScore rating against Hertha with a PB of 171, and hopefully he will continue this kind of rating on his return to football!

5. Xaver Schlager – Price Per Share 94p

A relatively unknown to me previously, I have to shout out @sleeptwitch81 on twitter for putting me onto him,

From what I have seen he’s a 22 year old Austrian, who has starts 3 Euro qualifiers for his home nation, and played 15 games in the league this season starting 13 of them with 1 goal and 2 assists

Though he hasn’t had the greatest of PB scores in the build up to the break, he did hit a 119 on score back in Feb against Paderborn which included 1 assist,

Another young player who with a few extra goals and assists could see a rise in price once football returns

6. Florian Grillitsch – Price Per Share 73p

Playing for TSG Hoffenheim, Grillitsch is another Austrian, a 24 year old who has played 23 games this season in the league starting 21 of them and returning 3 assists in the process,

He did hit a 114 Pb back in the last game against Schalke before the break without a goal or assist, and has won top player once this season returning 8p in dividends!

If he can continue with that last Pb score in a Hoffenheim team that still have an outside chance of taking the europa league qualifying spot with a run of form, and other results going there way he could be a valuable player and one who on a bronze / silver day could potentially return some nice yield!

So!! That’s that! The German contingency is strong and I’m ready for the first match day this weekend to commence! I’ll be watching as much as I can and will very much be invested in what these boys can produce!

With the majority of the players at less than £1, if they win a star man or even a top player award they could return a nice yield! And with fixtures coming thick and fast to end the season, there is a great chance for Both Top player and IPDs in that period!

I did have a list of others I had looked at, and I will potentially invest in them in the near future, I will monitor these once the Bundesliga kicks off again, these players being

1. Dennis Geiger

2. Amadou Haidara

3. Tyler Adams

4. Maximilian Mittelstadt

5. Laszlo Benes

I do of course have reasoning behind each of these, but with 3 of them being over the £1 mark I didn’t want to invest at the time,

If you do want to check any of the players out, as always be sure to do your own research before any purchase is made!!

If you currently aren’t signed up to Football Index, but you want to give it a go, do check them out via the link and use referrer code 452568 and we’ll both receive £10 free! Plus you can bet risk free for the first 7 days up to £500

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed today’s blog, and hopefully found it of some use! I’m excited for Saturday and the Return of the Bundesliga and I imagine you all are too!!

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They have plenty of midweek freerolls, beginner, amateur, & pro tournaments for you to get involved in,

Plus sign up today and receive 50 free bonus players & £10 in tokens for tournaments with No Deposit Required, nows the perfect time to start your journey and potentially win some money!

Sign up here 👉🏼

Other than that as always I hope your all staying safe, staying home where possible, and staying positive ♥️

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