Week 7: The Lockdown Lifestyle Changes Continue 🔒

Welcome back everyone! I hope your all doing fantastic on this quite rainy Sunday?

It’s that time of the week again where we take a bit of time and reflect on the past week in regards to the fitness journey during lockdown

So with out delay let’s go over the usual key points…

• A screen shot of my daily weigh ins (I like to weigh daily, then take those at the end of the week, add them together and divide by 7, to give me an average weight! This is what I will judge myself on)

• Any exercises / routines that I have undertaken in that week

• A summary of how it’s going

• What I will be changing going forward

The Numbers

After a great few weeks, I started this week at an average weight of 233.7lb, and after 7 days I have weighed in at 231.0lb average! Giving me a loss this week of 2.7lb and an overall lose of 14.7lb!!

Yay!! We’ve hit 1 stone dropped!! Hopefully I can push myself to lose another over the coming weeks!!!!

Exercise & Diet


Okay, Okay, I’ve got to confess, I said last week I was gonna aim to hit 3 sessions of Joe Wicks PE Lessons! But I didn’t even do 1! I don’t want to make excuses and I should have done some! But we move on and go again this week!


The calories are still at 1900 per day, I don’t see the need to lower these right now, and until I hit a plateau I feel I am at a nice calorie amount to lose weight, without feeling like I’m starving!

As always I do want to note that I do intermittent fast, with my feeding period between 12 – 8pm

So! What’s changing this week??

This week, were not gonna be doing Joe Wicks PE lessons, well I’m not saying I am going to be doing them!

I believe that there will be some lockdown restrictions lifted slightly later on today, and from what I have been reading one of these could be to do with having more time to exercise

If it comes to light that we are allowed to now do multiple exercise per day, I will plan to continue the 6 mile daily walk, as this is perfect for both me, and to get my daughter to nap! But I will be adding in a run probably 3 times for the first week around 5-7km if I can!

It’s been a while so will depend on my fitness at this point 🤦🏻‍♂️

As well as this, I’ve invested into some resistance bands from My Protein, as I can’t seem to get weights anywhere at this point! So will look to add 3-5 band workouts into the week!

My Protein

Just a quick plug on the my protein front, I’ve used them countless times over the years for supplements, clothing & training accessories, and would highly recommend them!

Here’s my latest order that will be with me this week!! Protein, Creatine, Protein Pancake Mix, Powdered Peanut Butter & the Resistance bands

I’ll make sure anything I use from this supplement haul I review a little in future blogs, I went Choc Brownie for protein to switch it up from the usual Choc Mint, so we shall see!

If you guys haven’t used Myprotein yet, please do check them out and use my referral link which is https://www.myprotein.com/referrals.list?applyCode=JACK-R1WI

Plus they currently have a huge 45% sale when you spend £45 using code MORE! Which is what I did to save a few quid!!

Anyway that’s all for this weeks update, I’ll be back in the week with more blogs and another update next weekend! I’m also going to look to do some content around what I’ve been eating and scheduling my meals etc soon

Hopefully Some of you guys are smashing your fitness journeys, and staying healthy during lockdown too

Have a great day, stay safe, stay home & keep positive ♥️

Supporting the Blog

As always guys and girls if you want to support the blog, please use my sign up links to sites!

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