Conventional Bookmakers, the losses add up!! Figures Included!!!

Welcome back everyone! Thanks once again for stopping by, and taking a look at my blog

Today I wanted to go into a bit of detail around my history with gambling, the highs, the lows and everything in between!!!

Of course when you talk to someone about gambling, the majority of the time it’ll be the wins that people tell you about! But that’s not always a true reflection of what gambling can be! It’s not all Win Win Win! Easy Money!!

Up until about February of this year, I was gambling every weekend, singles, doubles, trebles, accas, inplays, pre match, horses, you name it I would be on it!

It got to the point where I realised I was on my phone constantly betting money that I really at this point shouldn’t be betting, money that could be used on more important and better things,

I took a moment to pause, and decided it was time to stop! Time to look elsewhere for the enjoyment of betting, and that’s what Football Index gives!

Unlike a conventional bookie, with FI your bets don’t end after 1 game, cliche I know! But very true, you have 3 years to win with that bet and it’s great!

So where did it all start?

It was years and years back now! As with most 18 year olds, it’s Saturday morning, your down the local for breakfast with the boys from the football! You get breakfast, and your ready to go to your game, of course before this it’s time to hop into ladbrokes and stick £1 on an 80,000/1 27 fold acca, of course it loses and you wonder why 🤦🏻‍♂️

Then I came across online bookies, and the inplay markets! Who knew!!! You can bet on corners!! How many corners per team, how many in the match, heck! Who’s going to get the next corner!!

I remember there were plenty of times when me and the boys at work would be sat around our phones on our lunch break scrolling the Azerbaijan U23 league looking for the next inplay! Ready to start a £25 – £1000 chaallenge!

A few times we’d have some luck and we hit a few hundred pound, before withdrawing, if however carry that on!

I remember one bet! It was A. Madrid vs Qarabag in the Europa League, for some reason it kicked off at 3:15pm and I was at work! I had a look at around the 60th min! 0-0! Of course I went for A. Madrid to win at 1/3 £300 on to pay £400 and continue the challenge! 27 shots later and it ended 0-0! £300 gone! More than a weeks wage at the time!!

Another time I remember following a tipster on Facebook, again £25 to £1000 challenge! He posted up for some game that was playing 1-0 at the time to have over 2.5 goals! 65 mins gone! I thought you know what 25mins that’s not long I’ll take the Under 2.5 at this point it was about £670 on! To return just shy of £1000! 77 mins gone and it’s 1-3 🤦🏻‍♂️ £670 gone!!!

As they say the bookies always win in the end!!

As time went on, I was betting more and more, I got to the stage where I would get paid £1000 a month on the 4th Friday of the month! And straight away £200-£300 would go into Bet 365 for the weekend for inlays & accas!


That’s another one! I was backing horses left right and centre! I followed the horses a great deal, and I remember back a few year ago it was at the stage where over the course of 6 months I was topping up on bets on “Shut The Front Door” to win the National! I believe he came 7th or just in the placing for E/W but over that period I had amassed around £1800 on him e/w! I think I just about made my money back with the other horses placing!!

I recently emailed Bet 365 & Sky Bet, these were 2 of the 3 bookies I used the most over the years along with Betfair! But I have signed up to most and used most bookies!

I wanted to find out the overall deposits, withdrawals, profit and loss over the period I was betting with them!

Let’s look at some figures I managed to get!

So well start with Bet 365

Account Opened April 2014 – Account Closed Feb 2020

Deposited: £42,687.88p

Withdrew: £18,343.60p

Overall Profit / Loss: £24,344.28p Loss


Wow!! Now I had seen some profit and loss bits and pieces before on my account! But I had never seen overall deposits! £42K over 6 years!

For someone who every year works countless hours of Overtime, puts in extra shifts, works my ass off, I couldn’t believe the numbers! That’s an average of £7K a year! 🤦🏻‍♂️

As for Sky bet

Account Opened 2008 – Until Current

Staked: £9,137.23p

Winnings: £6,368.98p

Overall Profit / Loss: £2,768.25p Loss

Though this is a slightly less significant figure, none the less it’s a loss and adding to the bet 365 figures is huge!

I’ve also got in touch with Betfair to see the figures for that which I image could be somewhere in between! I’d hazard a guess that on average I was putting £10K or half a years wage in each and every year for the past 6 years! WOW!! WOW!!! WOWWWW!!!!!

This goes to show how stopping using conventional bookies was the right choice! I can’t believe that’s a house deposit! The debt I have paid off! A wedding, so much stuff and I have gambled that away! Crazy!

I wanted to highlight this because there may be others like me out there!

People who some months don’t have a huge wage, and believe that they can trick the system, or have all the answers and could easily turn say £200 into a huge win! But… and I can’t stress this enough… it’s not worth it!

So do I bet now??

The answer is YES!!! Surprise I know! But I gamble on a different style of market now! Football Index & Footstock (link to sign up at the bottom, if you fancy supporting me 😜)! Both have huge potential and are very different to the conventional bookmakers!

Though there is a lot of chance still in them due to them being betting platforms, they are a great way to profit in the long run!

Sure I’ll occasional no doubt still stick a couple quid on an acca here and there! But I would not get that deep into betting again!

One thing I want to stress, is to always gamble responsibly and as they say when the fun stops STOP!

For me, I could have stopped plenty of time, when it became a case of chasing losses! But I didn’t, I always thought I could win it all back! Of course there were weekends when I’d hit £2K in winnings or so! But over time that was fed back into the account!!

It’s Crazy!!!

I know this has been a real random blog today guys, and I thank you for checking it out! I hope you take something away from this!

As always stay safe, stay home, stay positive ♥️

If you feel bad for my losses! Do me a favour and sign up for Foot Stock via the link, I get something, you get something! And yeah, we all WIN!!

Sign up today and get £10 Tournament Credit, & 50 “bonus” player cards & some tournament entries to get started! NO DEPOSIT NEEDED

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