Furlough & Finances: An Update

Welcome back everyone! I hope your all having a great day, and during these tough and unpredictable times are staying safe and making the most of the time you have!

I thought today I’d do a bit of an update on finances and what’s been going on in that part of my life!

I’ll give a bit of a run down on how the debts are currently looking compared to previously, how much is in the FI balance & whats currently going on in life!!

So…Where were we previously??

• Loan A – £5414.86

• Loan B – £673.94

• Loan C – £926.46

• Loan D – £884

Loan E – £500

• Loan F – £200

Total – £8,599.26p

And, Where are we Now?

• Loan A – £5414.86

• Loan B – £663.94

• Loan C – £916.46

• Loan D – £834

• Loan E – £450

• Loan F – £200

Total – £8,439.26p

It’s not a huge difference but we’re £120 down in the debt department!

This could have been a lot more, but as I mentioned in the blog last Friday, while I’m furloughed I’m making the most of payment holidays etc and looking to add more funds to my FI account!

Reason for this? The payment holidays are there and can be used, though I will then need to add the period onto the end of my current terms, once back to work and on full pay once again I will look to add extra payments where possible to lower the debts quicker!

My FI Account, How much Invested now?

At the point of posting the last blog I had invested £371 into the account, with that figure now sitting at £766! Which is a jump of £395!

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This shows that I could have paid a further £400 off of debts but looked to put this into the FI account for now! And will look to continue this trend throughout COVID-19 and the furlough period!

My goal was to hit £3000 in the account by the end of the year and I still believe this is very much achievable at the current rate! Along with hitting the projected debts I wanted to get to!

If you haven’t please do go back and look over the previous financial blogs to check the numbers!

Credit Score? Has it Changed??

For this part I’ve taken a few screens from my credit report, which as always is provided via Clear Score! I do recommend you check them out and keep up to date with your credit score! My next report is due in 20 days currently

What’s happening going forward??

We’ll currently, I’m on furlough leave, being paid 80% of my wage which equates to roughly £900 every 4 weeks,

Come Sunday there will be a government update on what is going on with lockdown, but I believe in the business I’m in, I will be furloughed for another 4-6 weeks due to the nature of the business!

This could be wrong and I will update further next week,

With that being said, going forward whilst furloughed the plan will be the same, to continue to make the most of the holiday periods, and to save what is possible in FI, with the outlook of upping repayments once back to full time employment!

I know it’s a short blog today, but wanted to give a little update on the current situation as it stands,

I hope you’ve enjoyed, please do leave a like, comment or follow the blog as it supports massively, and if you want to support you can sign up for Footstock at the bottom of the page where you’ll receive £10 in tournament vouchers and 50 “Bonus” player cards to get you started on your Footstock Journey

For now, stay safe, stay home, stay positive! Much love ♥️

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