Buying into Ronaldo!!! Am I mad??

Welcome back everyone! Thanks for stopping by on another lovely day in lockdown! I hope as always your all staying safe and not going stir crazy just yet!

Today! Let’s talk about a man who although is 35, was said to have the physical fitness of a 27 year old!

A player who, apart from a World Cup, has won it all! A player with countless goals and assists in many different countries!

And a player who at this rate could be playing at the highest level until he is 39/40 years of age!

But…is Ronaldo worth holding??

Currently sat on the market at £3.27, this is something I have thought about on numerous occasions over the past month or two!!

Having put him on the watch list at around £3.17 and then talking my self out of buying him, he went on to win a couple days of MB,

I then looked again at £3.20, £3.22, £3.25 and again on all 3 occasions decided against the hold! And again he went and won MB!

What are the Pros of Holding Ronaldo??

It’s very obvious that Ronaldo is still a top, top player, and he will continue to win PB on numerous occasions over the next couple of seasons no doubt!

He has the appeal of MB as well, with it already being proven that he can win MB on multiple occasions with no football on!

He’s Portuguese, giving him both the Euros in 2021 and a World Cup in 2022 which we don’t know yet what FI will do in regards to promotion for these, but I imagine it’ll be something good and there will no doubt be some divs for him to win along the way!!

Plays for Juventus and has a contract until 2022, so he still had 2 seasons for this too run! By which time he’ll be 37 and looking either to stay or for a new challenge! He’s done the Prem, La Liga & Now Italy, but what will be next! I’d like to think he’ll go to France or Germany and win 4/5 major European league titles, but we just don’t know!

With all players though we can’t just look at the pros! If that was the case we would make good reason to buy every player on the platform!

Let’s look at the cons!!

Now…I may have a bias here, but I don’t see too many cons!

The main one! And a glaring one for me is his age! He’s 35, with a lot of players retiring in there mid to late 30’s, how many years does he have left?

Of course it’s a 3 year bet! So you would be betting on him until he’s 38, 2 years of which will be at Juve, and 1 final year somewhere else!

Is Ronaldo still at the top of his game?!

Currently playing at Juventus is Serie A, his sofa score rating across 22 league games this season is 7.87 having made 3 assists and scoring 21 times!! This is of course for a season that isn’t even over technically yet!!

The champions league he has a rating of 7.19 bagging 2 goals so far, and a rating of 8.00 in Euro qualifiers with 11 goals!! His numbers, I believe are great!

In Serie A this season he has the 2nd highest sofa score rating behind illicic, 2nd highest for goal behind Immobile, and 2nd highest for combined goals and assists again behind immobile!

Compared to last season Ronaldo had 21 goals and 8 assists in 31 league games, with a rating of 7.66!

With 6 goals, 2 assists and a rating of 7.54 in the champions league from 9 games!

My current thoughts…

On a counter to his age! You could look at the fact he has 2 years of winning divs at Juve, with Italian League, Champs League and then the Euros & World Cup!!! So plenty of chances! And then the final year you would like to believe he’ll be in the media a lot in regards to his contract ending and moving on! Speculation and MB could again be big!!

He will have a time line over the 3 year bet of

Year 1 – League (PB), Champs League (PB, Euros (PB), Summer MB,

Year 2 – League (PB), Champs League (PB), World Cup (PB), Contract Ends & Summer MB

Year 3 – Unknown

The big question for me, would be over the 3 year bet could you make back his price in divs and leave enough room to profit on his price?

I believe that in order to profit on Ronaldo you would need to make around half his price back per season in the first 2 years, leaving the final year to give you some profit, and meaning when you sell him on this would be profit too!

For me, I look to hold all my players for 3 years, which in this situation could be an advantage and could work well against Ronaldo!

Last season Ronaldo made £0.93p in divs, this season so far he has hit £1.12p in divs, so £2.05p overall which at this point would be 62.69% of his price, with this season not being over yet! Of course past dividends are not something you should go on!

I have been looking to add a media player to my port, and Ronaldo could be that hold, he is regularly at the top of the media rankings these days and could make a few pence per share over the summer, with football then returning and gold/ silver days being a lower threshold, there is a good chance he’ll win a some PB & even a star man award!

Do I think this would be a risky hold? YES

Am I getting in on this at the right time? PROBABLY NO

Have I just bought into him? NO!

Will I be making this purchase soon?? ITS LOOKING LIKELY!

£3.27 per share x 50 shares = £163.50p spent!

I’d be looking to make £1 per share over the next year in divs!

I know, I know, if I buy younger players or sub £1 players and they have a big rise in price they could make the same money I would on Ronaldo in a quicker time! But…where’s the fun in that!

Let’s see what happens in the coming days! But for now, I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog, have a great day, stay safe, stay home, stay positive ♥️

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