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Hey everyone, welcome back to the blog! I know, I know, there was NO content yesterday, I’m currently looking at changing Monday’s blog schedule to something a bit more structured, but unsure what! If you have any suggestions please put them in the comments!!

Today’s topic is FI, & more importantly the subject of diversification within my portfolio!

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Having seen a lot of talk lately around twitter and Facebook about this subject it got me thinking about what my strategy is on FI! How many players ideally I would like to have in the port to manage! And what I would be buying these players for!

Firstly I would recommend if you into YouTube or like to watch videos on the subject matter of FI check out the video by Thomas Moran


I found it very interesting to hear someone else’s point of view on diversification and the strategy around that they have adopted within their port!

What is Diversification??

In regards to FI, I feel diversification, is investing into shares of players for different reasons, for example a player for media, a player for midfield PB, a transfer rumour, a player for Attacking PB

There are many ways to diversify on FI, and having watched a few videos, and read some comments etc on the subject, I am starting to believe that a diverse port is the way to go!

The Current Situation with my Port!!

Now, currently, having reviewed my portfolio from an unbiased point of view, I don’t feel that I have the diversity within it that I would actually like to have!

And so, going forward I will be looking to split my portfolio across a few different section, some of which will overlap, and they will be

Players for CAOf course you would say that you buy all players for CA, and that’s correct, so this section would cover the portfolio! But currently most of my players come under just this subject!

Players for PB – These are the players I will be purchasing with the thought process that they will have the best chance for Performance wins

Players for MBWith football looking uncertain as to when it will return, right now these are the most important players, and up until a few days ago I had 0 of these!!

Players Under 23These will be the players who are potential future stars & I believe they will be getting a future call up for their country

For now, these will be the sections of my port! I am going to look at moving my portfolio around a bit over the coming weeks / months, and the aim will be by the beginning of next season I will have the port set up for years to come!

I’ll be looking to have 5 players in each category, giving me around 20 players, with a maximum amount of players set at 25!

I think for a portfolio of my size, which is relatively small, going for 20-25 players would be ideal, and will mean I can look to keep investing in them until I have around 50-100 of each player!

Moving Forward and Future Deposits!

This month currently I have deposited £150 which I used to purchase 11 Jadon Sancho shares!

My next deposit will be this Thursday, and will be a further £150 to make it £300 for the month, I believe I will be putting this into Paul Pogba, giving me my second MB player, who I also believe will be a good PB hold!

Further to this, depending on the situation with football going forward I will look to use next months deposit for MB players also, as well as starting to get players who are below 23 and have a chance at playing for their country over the next few seasons!

Is Diversification necessary??

I asked this question on Twitter to see what people’s thoughts on diversification was, and whether they believed it is necessary,

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As we can see, there are varied opinions on this subject throughout the FI community! But of course there is no right or wrong answer and your portfolio should be geared to how you want to trade!

In conclusion for me, I do believe that I want to have some diversity in my portfolio, in order to capitalise on all that is available to myself and my port on the platform, whether that is through Capital Appreciation or through Dividend winning! Which currently Media is King

Over the coming Months, as always, as I purchase new players for the port I will update on here and show you who I have gone for and include reasoning, and what category the player falls under!

For now, that’s all for today! I as always want to thank everyone who had been sharing the blog, a like, or RT goes a long way on twitter! And to all the ones liking the blog page or following it, thank you too!

I’ll be back tomorrow, with another blog, stay safe, stay home, stay positive!!

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