It’s all about Media Buzz!! Who to buy next…

Welcome back everyone! It’s Thursday and it’s finally time for a new FI related blog post!

So far I’ve been over what football Index is and why I’ve decided to put money into it, I’ve shown you my port and who’s in it, so now let’s decide who to purchase next!

With 2 weeks till payday and another £300-£350 deposit being put into the index its time to start looking at who I should be going for when the deposit is made!

So, who’s on the watchlist to buy??

Recently I put a poll out on twitter as to who people thought I should buy, at this point with no football on, the best option will be someone who can return some media divs, but, when the season begins again can also perform and pick up match day divs!

With that in mind, the poll included Pogba, Neymar or Other (with people suggesting Sancho or Coutinho!)

Let’s look into these players…

With the amount I’m looking to spend I have worked out that I would be buying the following amount of shares in the person i decide to go with (please bear in mind these are rough amounts on will depend on price fluctuation over the next week)

90 x Philippe Coutinho

40 x Paul Pogba

35 x Neymar

25 x Sancho

Of course depending on the player, depends how many shares I will purchase, with Coutinho clearly in front with 90 shares, 50 more than Paul Pogba in 2nd with 40 shares

What factors will decide this purchase??

As I said previously, one of the main reasons I will be purchasing the player is due to MB, which I believe all 4 players will have throughout the summer

Philippe Coutinho – Currently linked with Chelsea, Arsenal, & Linked as a Marquee signing for Newcastle should they be taken over! This could lead to a summer of speculation and transfer rumours!

Paul Pogba – A current united player, who has come under a lot of criticism during his time in the Prem! He’s been linked with PSG, Madrid & with a potential return swap deal to Juventus! Like Coutinho it could be a long summer of speculation and paper talk, which even extended with United could be good media!

Neymar – Always linked with Barcelona, I think Neymar has the potential to return some divs, as well as the fact Ligue 1 has potentially been cancelled, could he be wanting out of PSG, with the champions league slots not guaranteed currently, what will happen with Neymar this summer!

Jadon Sancho – Not much is needed to be said about Sancho! He’s been linked with United and Chelsea, with United saying they adore the player! They already seem to have a contract set out, it’s just down to fee, but it could be a huge summer of MB for Sancho, having already gained 60p+ over the past month and going on an 8 day MB streak! He seems like a must hold at present!

What about when football starts again!?

We all know MB isn’t the only dividend available on the platform, and once football is back, it will once again be about PB!

So, who is the go to for PB??

Now I know people will say, you can’t judge the future on past performances! And past dividends don’t mean future dividends!

But, I’m ignoring these statements! I believe that with some players, if they are average around the same amount year on year, then surely there is a trend and they can produce this each season!

One thing to think about when buying one of these players too is of course the age of the player, with Neymar at 28, Pogba 27, Coutinho 27 & Sancho 20, Sancho clearly has more years to come than the others, and being a huge signing if going to United, could become the poster boy/ face of United for a long time!

Ive also looked into there sofa scores, PB average, Max PB & other factors,

For the purpose of this blog, and as it’s about dividends I’ve looked into what the players have return last season, as well as what they have currently returned this season, and worked this out as a % of the share price, using their current price on the market!

Over the past 2 seasons we’ve seen divs for each player, broken down into

Neymar (£8.64) – We all know Neymar in Ligue 1 is a PB monster having made £1.17 (13%) in 2018/19 season and so far this season £1.14 (13%) in the 19/20 season that’s £2.31 total which would be 26.74% of his current price

Do I believe over the next 3 seasons he could do an average of £1.10 or above per season? YES! I do believe this

And as I look to hold players for the 3 years, I believe if I am able to win £3 in divs over the next 3 years and then sell at £5.64 or above I would break even, of course I would need to make 2% extra to cover commission

Coutinho (£3.36) – Currently in the Bundesliga with Bayern, but on loan from Barca, I expect Coutinho to make a move, his divs are currently sat at £0.05 (1%) in 2018/19 season and so far this season £0.42 (12%) in the 19/20 season that’s £0.47p total which would be 13% of his current price

I do think Coutinho could hit some decent media this summer and would be looking for around 30p ideally to get 10% of his price,

However, I’m unsure as to whether he will ever hit his form he once have and return a large amount of dividends through PB, I could of course be very wrong,

Paul Pogba (£7.74) – Currently in the Premier League with United, But with his future being potentially anywhere, his divs are currently sat at £2.28 (29%) in 2018/19 season and so far this season £1.20 (15%) in the 19/20 season that’s £3.48 total which would be 44% of his current price

I think Pogba is great value right now, having some great MB returns & the potential to be a PB Beast! Unlike Neymar & Coutinho he has the added bonus of a Euro 21 tournament, and along with the others the WC 22,

I currently feel that Pogba ticks all the boxes, and believe a move to PSG or JUVE could even make him more of a PB player, as I believe he would pull the strings in both midfields,

Jadon Sancho (£13.38) – Currently in the Bundesliga with Dortmund, but with a move away looking more and more likely, his divs are currently sat at £0.08 (0.6%) in 2018/19 season and so far this season £0.89 (6%) in the 19/20 season that’s £0.97 total which would be 7% of his current price

We need to take into account that this season Sancho has burst to life and become a star in the current Dortmund team, He’s been smashing in the dividends through media and has posted some decent PB scores too!

He like Pogba has the Euro & WC, as well as only being 20 so could have a further 2 Euro & 2 WC tournaments!

Sancho looks to be the guy for the future, with his price potential being sky high, and his dividend earning over his career being huge too! If he can return 10% Divs per season over the 3 year hold I believe this could be great!!

Who will I be buying??

The dilemma of who to buy is very hard at present and I could just split it up and I have been thinking of going for half the amount of both Pogba and Sancho,

I do believe that my best bets will be both Pogba & Sancho during the current period, and if I do decide to buy one of or both of these, I will be looking to purchase Neymar as a PB player later down the line!

My one issue is, I have it in my mind that only holding 10 shares of a player, for instance Sancho, is a bad thing, but, 10 shares of a player making money in a relatively small port like mine, is better than 0 shares in a player making money!

This is more a mentality thing, and I do however believe, you need to look at all purchases in relation to your own portfolio, and not look at how many shares everyone else has

Hopefully you guys have enjoyed today’s post, and my workings out etc are accurate 🤦🏻‍♂️

If you haven’t yet checked out Football Index and want to get involved be sure to sign up via the link & use referrer code 452568 for £10 free when you deposit £10! Plus use up to £500 in the first 7 days and any losses will be refunded by FI!

As always, thanks to everyone who has stopped by and had a read, and of course stay safe, stay home, & stay positive ♥️

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