Bonus Payday on FI…What will I do with it?

Welcome back everyone! I hope as always your staying safe, staying home, and enjoying the sun from the comfort of your garden, or during your daily exercise routine!

Well…it’s the end of the deposit bonus on FI, and as expected the market has had a small drop due to people now market selling their players to take some money back out of the product,

I just want to say, if your a new trader and you see the 24 hour P/L and it’s in the red! DON’T PANIC!!!! As with most traders your probably up a nice percentage over the past few weeks, so to drop a small amount is not the end of the world, and doesn’t need to warrant you selling up all your port and running!

With the platform there will always be ups and downs, but if your patient and believe in your players the ups will eventually outweigh the downs! So stay calm and ride it out! That’s what I will be doing!

My Deposit Bonus

Having deposit £371 over the bonus period I’m due a smaller bonus than no doubt a lot of traders, but! None the less, free money is just that free money!

I’ll be looking at around £30, which of course I could take out of the product and use for everyday bits and pieces, however, I won’t be doing that, I’ll be re investing the bonus back into the market!

What’s the plan?

I’ve been thinking about buying 2 different players! 1 I already hold and is £1.57 ish at the moment, the 2nd I haven’t held before and is 49p! With the £30 that means I can either get roughly 19 Shares of player A or 61 shares of player B!

Player A: Jack Harrison


Age: 23

Club: Leeds United

Position: Midfielder

Price: £1.57

Goals/assists: 5G/7A in 37 Championship appearances.

Pros: Young, English, cheap and proven quality compared to other similar players (e.g Gilmour – £3.02, Curtis Jones – £2.85, Loftus Cheek – £2.65). Leeds currently sit top of the Championship by 1 point, but 7 points clear of the playoff, it’s looking very clear that they may come up to the Premier League come the end of the season! With Jack being a key player, if he can make the step up to the Prem I believe his price should rise! He is also only on loan from Manchester City so there is chance for a transfer and some Media

Cons: Currently not in a PB league, unproven in the Premier League

Overall I feel he is a relatively safe bet, I think he is definitely capable of a 25% capital appreciation gain over the next 12 months, but I do believe he could get to a bit higher and depending on the PB scores he can produce he could be a key player for Leeds with some nice CA

Player B: Palko Dardai


Age: 21

Club: Hertha BSC (Currently Reserves)

Position: Forward

Price: £0.49p

Goals/assists: 7G/4A in 21 Regionaliga Nordost appearances.

Pros: Young, German, cheap and with a good return ratio for goals and assists.

Cons: Currently not in a PB league, unproven in the Bundesliga or for Hertha BSC First Team

Overall I feel he could be a good long term hold at only 49p and with the bundesliga set to return soon, if he is able to get into the first team during the hectic end of the season, with a run of form he could push to break into the first team next season! Thought Hertha do currently have Lukebakio up top who has 5G & 5A in 22 games this season the the bundesliga!

Conclusion & Choice:

Having looked at both players and whilst already owning 10 Jack Harrison, I think my best bet will be to purchase a further 11 share in Harrison, as I believe he could be a great hold over the next season and a half, and then purchase 25 shares in Dardai with the outlook to purchase a further 79 shares of Harrison ASAP, and a further 75 Dardai taking both to 100 Share holding!

If you guys have any thoughts for the deposit bonus then let me know what you will be doing with yours? Will you be withdrawing, or putting it back into the market?

If of course you haven’t signed up yet please check out FI via the link & let me know who you buy first! If you need any help just get in touch via the social links!

Don’t forget to get your £10 of shares today too! In order to qualify to be part of the £10K cash drop on FI and potentially win yourself £5K cash! Good luck everyone who’s entering 🙌🏻

Have a great day, stay safe, stay home, & stay positive! If anyone is feeling like they need to chat about anything at these tough times again reach out! ♥️

Disclaimer since writing this post last night and drafting it, prices have changed so below you can see what I went for in terms of share amounts

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