Setting Goals…Being SMART with it!!

Welcome back everyone, as always, thanks for all the support from the previous blogs, anyone who is reading them, sharing them, commenting/ giving feedback, I appreciate you ♥️

So what’s on the agenda for today!

It’s Goal Setting! With the UK now going into the second stage of lockdown with having a further 3 weeks, it’s easy to get complacent, feel disheartened, down or ready to just do nothing

Well! What better time to set some Goals for the rest of 2020 to keep yourself focused and give yourself something to strive for and work towards both during and after lockdown!

With the year seemingly passing us by, i think it’s a good chance to reflect on where we are at and what we want to achieve!

Personally for me I have some goals that will relate to all different aspects of my life from work & my job, to health & my fitness

Lets Be SMART about it this…

What do I mean by SMART? For anyone not familiar with the acronym, when setting goals it’s always best to do it SMART

Specific – The goal is going to be specific & we will know exactly what it is we are looking to achieve

Measurable – There will be a way to measure the goal and wether or not it was a success or failure

Attainable – The goal is realistically something that you can achieve! There’s nothing worse than setting yourself a goal that is way beyond what you can achieve, and end up feeling bad for not completing it!

Relevant – The goal is relevant to you! Your not just setting goals for the sake of it, it needs to be relatable to an aspect of your life

Timed – The goal needs to have a time scale, and again this needs to be attainable! Mine will all be the end of 2020 so by Jan 1st 2021 I expect these to be completed

With that in mind, it’s time to get some goals set out & ready to smash over the next year! I’ll be updating on my progress each month on each goal, and will document along the way on how things are going!

Firstly, I want to get a goal set out for work, in fact 2 goals! I’m currently working in a Pub/ Restaurant / Hotel as the Reception Manager, though most people I work with know that event management for the site is where my passion is at,

Goal 1: To gain promotion to the events management role, by the end of 2020

The goal is specific to my life, I want that role, and have been working towards that role! It’s attainable as I know the role is available and I will be in the running for it. I have given myself until the end of the year due to COVID-19, and not knowing exactly when the site will open again!

The 2nd of my goals is going to be football index related, and more a goal of saving money into the account as mentioned in previous posts

Goal 2: To have a portfolio on football index valued at a minimum of £3000 by the end of 2020

Again, this is specific to football index and my savings goal! It’s attainable as I currently look to put £300 a month in most months, however, if I’m smart and make profit this sum will be larger, but I’m taking it with 0 profit and just saying I want to have deposited £3000 of my own money! And then anything on top is a bonus! This is something we will go over in future blogs on a weekly – monthly basis!

So I’ve got a work based goal, a money based goal, finally let’s get a health & fitness based goal

Goal 3: Lose 2 stone & be able to run a half marathon comfortably by the end of 2020

This is a huge goal for me, over the past few months I gained a lot of weight around 30-40lb! So since the start of lockdown I’ve been trying to shift some of that! I’m giving myself until the end of the year to shift 2 stone (28lb) I’m currently down 7lb over the 5 weeks of lockdown! Though that’s without the gym! I also want to be able to complete half marathons comfortably and so I will incorporate that into my routine to get fit

So that’s the goals for the next 8 months! And hopefully I’ll be able to smash these! I want to document all aspects of my life on this blog and so there will be plenty of ups and downs no doubt along the way! But I’m ready to go and achieve these!

I hope you guys are setting yourself some new goals and have bigger goals to come! Keep smashing it during lockdown, stay safe, stay home, and I’ll catch you all soon ♥️

Published by Drage162

Hi Everyone, I’m Jack, I’m 32 from the UK and welcome to my blog Follow my journey as I travel through different stages in life creating a better future for myself and my family Along the way you can take a look at my weight loss progress including how I’m achieving my goals, my weekly reviews & my future plans I’ll take you through my finances! The good, the bad & the ugly as I work to go from £9500 (as of Feb 2021) in debt with no assets to debt free and something to show for myself I have ups and I have downs, days I feel like I can achieve everything and days where I’m not motivated at all but I’ll document that and look to inspire you guys to achieve your goals too Let’s smash 2021 and make it the year we really take control of our lives and set the foundations for an amazing future ♥️

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