My Portfolio, mindset & what’s the plan going forward? Part 2

Hey everyone, and welcome back once again, today we’re going to be going over the final 5 players who currently make up my portfolio at present

Those players being

Ramy Bensebaini (25)

• Benjamin Pavard (25)

• Nicolas Pepe (35)

• Suat Serder (50)

• Denzel Dumfries (50)

Let’s get straight to it with

Ramy Bensebaini

This guy played for Borrusia M’gladbach, who this season lay 4th in the bundesliga, This would be my 2nd hold who I actually took from someone else, it was from a FI official podcast with Ralph, talking of players in Germany to watch, Having heard his name, I checked the usual sources, he has a sofa score rating of 7.05 having played 11 games this season and starting 9 of them, and scoring 4 goals from these! One thing to note is he doesn’t have any assists, however I feel if he can add these to his game as he progresses his scores could start to improve! This is one that hopefully following someone else’s advice will pay off over time, and we will see what the future holds

Benjamin Pavard:

Still relatively young at 24 years old and playing for one of the best teams in the world in Bayern Munich! I decided to get involved in Pavard, having seen him post up some good scores in the past as a defender, I believe he has something about him, And with Kimmich being moved to a midfielder at present, he could now fight for the Defender dividends more and more I believe! As well as of course having Euro 21 & WC 22 coming up, I do believe he has a rise in him very soon

Nicolas Pepe:

This one may be sentimental, being an Arsenal fan, and a big fan of Pepe and what he can bring to the team! Though seeing his price below £3 makes me believe he is a great bargain at present, I feel that now that Arteta is in charge and beginning to get his team in place, Pepe will be a focal figure come the new season, and if he can add more goals and assists to his game once settled in, his scores and price can surely only rise! Again though, as an Arsenal fan, I may have bias here 🤦🏻‍♂️

Suat Serder:

One player I didn’t really look into! I actually watch a fair bit of Schalke, due to them being in the German league and BT Sport showing a fair amount of games! This buy was purely on eye test! I think he has had some great games and hopefully what I have seen is just the start of his journey to winning dividends and rising! This one will be a good test to see if I can myself spot a potentially good buy, and going forward I’m sure I will pick more players in this way!

Denzel Dumfries:

I feel like this guy has been around for years! But at only 24 years old he’s a great age to get involved in! Currently playing in a non PB league, I really do think it’s only a matter of time before the PSV man gets a move to a PB league! With the WC 22 & Euro 21 coming up for the Netherlands, he has potential of PB dividends depending on how they run these tournaments! With 25 games played and started this season and 7 goals, 2 assists, he is a great full back, and another who I have watched over the past few seasons wondering when his move will come!

As always, thanks to anyone who has stuck around and read through my blog today! I know I don’t have too much detail or stats on any of the players I have! Though I’m not a big data person at present!

I’m sure that will be a lesson I will learn over time! Feel free to ask any questions you may have either on here or via socials, I’ll always be happy to help out!

Have a great day, stay safe ♥️

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