My Portfolio, mindset & what’s the plan going forward? Part 1

Welcome back everyone! Firstly let me just say I appreciate all the support on the blog so far, and any interactions on the socials! Much love to you all ♥️

Over the coming months I’ll be going over plenty of things, where I’m at in life, the weight loss/ fitness journey, my FI portfolio, watchlist and the future of FI for me! And loads more on the way!

However…onto today’s subject! My current portfolio! Who’s in it? Why then? How many shares? And some of my thoughts on them for the future?

About my Port:

Cost: £371.09p

Current Value: £383.95p

Current P/L: £12.86

Players: 12

Shares: 299

Let’s break this down then, so we have 12 players in the port, 3 of which at this time I won’t be going over, those players are Philippe Coutinho (4 shares), Ronaldo Vieira (1 share), Charlie Gilmour (1 Share), the reason to not go over these is I bought these players back when FI did the 10k drop, and you had to buy min of £10 in shares, so hence I have minimal of each!

Onto the other 9 players, those are

Kevin Malcuit (45)

• Jack Harrison (10)

• Arthur (25)

• Valentin Rongier (28)

• Ramy Bensebaini (25)

• Benjamin Pavard (25)

• Nicolas Pepe (35)

• Suat Serder (50)

• Denzel Dumfries (50)

Let’s start off, please do bear in mind, I’m new to the FI scene, and these are just my opinions, we all have them, and I’m sure many will disagree, though I’m always happy to accept criticism or valid points from anyone reading this

Kevin Malcuit (45 Shares)

Now I can admit that with a couple of my picks, I have used other people’s data, or suggestions on who to buy, and the first one would be this guy!

Kevin Malcuit is a 28 year old, full back playing for Napoli, though he has recently been out injured! I bought him due to his low price and the thought process that if he hits a good PB score on a match day and wins dividends he will make a considerable amount of his price back! Playing for Napoli I believe this is something he could achieve, as having watched them previously, I do believe Napoli are a very attack minded team, who like to get forward and get goals! If he comes back strong from injury, he could hit a PB win or 2 over the next couple of seasons! 45 Shares – I will be looking to top this up to 100 shares on my next payday should football have not returned and him still being around the price he currently is!

Jack Harrison:

Though I only currently have 10 shares in this guy, I will be looking to purchase more both in the upcoming months and with my £30 ish from the deposit bonus! I first saw Jack playing for NYFC back along side Frank Lampard in the MLS, and thought at the time what a good player he was, but at the same time, being the MLS, you can never be too sure! He was then bought by Manchester City, and I do believe he is still only on loan at Leeds! But he could be open to some transfer rumours come the summer! He’s a great talent and it was a toss up between him and Kalvin Phillips! But at just over £1.40 a share and at the age of 23 I believe Harrison has plenty of space to develop and increase in Capital Appreciation over the next couple of seasons, with the potential of Leeds being promoted


23 years old and playing for Barca! With a SofaScore rating of 7.11 this season, having played in 16 games and starting 12 of those games, 3 goals and 3 assists to his name too, I believe Arthur will be one of the more consistent players in the Barcelona squad over the next few seasons, and if he can add a few more goals and assists that’s only going to help him, Along with that he can push for a WC 2022 place for Brazil and really showcase what he can do, With his future looking to be at Barca, but with other teams still interested in him, I feel at his current price he has potential to be a great hold

Valentin Rongier:

Currently playing for Marseille, at 25 years old, in midfield and with a SofaScore rating of 7.2! Towards the back end of last year he was hitting £1.06 a share, currently at only 82p I believe he has some room to move back towards over £1! Having started 23 / 26 games so far, I think he could be a great buy, it looks to me as if he just needs to add some goals to his game and he will soon start moving up the risers list, at under £1 he’s a reasonable cheap hold for me, with potential to make a bit of profit on

So, that’s the first 4 players in the port, I have 5 more to go over, however I don’t want to have a super long blog post that bores everyone to death! Especially during these lockdown times!

show the remaining 5 players and reasoning behind each hold,

If anyone has any comments, or criticism or feedback then of course please speak your mind, you can find me on the blog or via socials!

In the meantime have a great day, stay safe, stay healthy, stay trading ♥️

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